How to Clean a Viewing Screen

Microfiber, water and vinegar is all you need to clean and maintain your screens safely. screen cleaning tips

This would be better than using Windex

Nooo….. I exclaimed, while I was watching our daughter getting ready to put a paper towel sprayed with a Windex derivative to the new Flatscreen. Old habits from when TV screens where mostly glass and people smoked inside the living rooms, even though she just turned 21. But in the past few decades production has altered and many screens (TV’s, computers, monitors etc.) are now made from new age chemical compositions requiring less invasive cleaning solvents, simply because most cleaners have complex chemicals themselves.

You should also select a fabric that is used in conjunction with the chemical and is not too abrasive or harsh or you risk scratching the screen surface.

What not to use.

• Rubbing alcohol in any concentration. Although it has been mentioned that 91% pure alcohol is safe for LCD monitor cleaning, I strongly suggest avoiding it. There are many different plastic protective surfaces used on the market and some are NOT tolerant of alcohol. In addition, it can extensively dry out the surface and cause other issues down the road.
• Windex or other ammonia based products. Ammonia will, over time, gradually eat away at the composition of the screen causing it to become brittle, yellow and eventually crack.
• Newspaper, tissue paper or toilet paper. Newspaper, tissue paper and toilet paper contain wood fibers that can easily scratch the surface.

What to use instead!
• Water for mild cleaning and dust removal
• 50% water and 50% vinegar mixture. A vinegar and water mixture can be used to remove water spots, pop stains, splashes and streaks and smudges from your flat screen without doing harm to the surface. Some eyeglass cleaning kits use a vinegar/water solution that is perfect for screen cleaning as well.
•  Microfiber cloths. Microfiber cloths are typically included with new laptops. If not, they can be purchased at any Walmart for about $1 per cloth. They are also commonly used to clean eye glasses and are safe to use on a Laptop or LCD screen surface.

So here is how you clean your screen:
1.    Get a Microfiber cloth to use for cleaning
2.    Gently wipe the screen surface clean using the microfiber cloth
3.    Mix 1 part of water to 1 part of vinegar in a spray bottle
4.    Spray a mist of the water/vinegar solution onto your microfiber cloth, not onto the screen
5.    Using the misted microfiber cloth, gently wipe the screen surface. Go against streaks to remove them, use a swirling motion to remove spots or splatter marks.

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