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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

How to Deep Fry a Turkey


    -Gas heat source.
    -An oversized pot large enough to hold a 10 to 16 pound turkey.
    -Turkey frying tools (see video)
    -3 to 4 Gallons of peanut oil
    -Meat thermometer
    -Candy thermometer
    -A special non-flamable, non-burning, heat-resistant cooking glove or mitt.
    -10 to 16 pound turkey, completely thawed.

Watch this video first: BEFORE you begin cooking your perfect poultry platter!


    -Pretend to fry your turkey in water to determine the amount of oil you will need to use.
    (Either make a note of how much water you used to fill the pot to about one inch above the bird while it is inside the cooking pot OR after you remove the turkey from the water, mark your water level. This will indicate how much oil you will need to put into the pan after you dry it of all of the water.)
    -Dry your turkey pot completely before adding the oil.
    -Heat the oil to 350 degrees. (Use your candy thermometer and the special rigging made from a common household coat hanger as shown in the video to check the temperature of your oil.)
    -Wash and dry your turkey completely, removing the neck and other goodies often hidden inside the bird.
    -Make sure your turkey is as dry as possible.
    -SLOWLY immerse the turkey into the oil. The oil will pop and splatter, so stand back and be VERY careful and move very slowly.
    -Return the temperature to 350 degrees and maintain this for the cooking duration. The oil will continue to heat up as the bird cooks, so you will need to pay attention closely to the temperature of the oil and adjust your heat source as necessary.
    -Allow about 3 minutes of cooking time per pound of the turkey.
    -Check the temperature until it reaches the proper temperature for a cooked turkey – this will be stated on your meat thermometer.
    -Turn off the flame when your turkey is ready to be removed from the oil.
    -Slowly lift the turkey from the oil and let it drain slightly and then set the turkey in it’s stand on a large platter or cookie sheet lined with paper towels for about 30 minutes.
    -Allow the turkey to rest. This also permits the turkey to drain and cool off before you begin to carve your turkey.

Enjoy your perfect fried turkey!