It is summer and selecting comfortable sandals is important here in Florida. All footwear constitutes a very integral part of your wardrobe. Although the total number of shoes may vary on your preference, you definitely have different kinds of shoes that suit different seasons of weather or the different terrains you are going to encounter. Picking the right footwear – for the right event – is very fundamental. Comfort is essential when it comes to the shoes you select, and so is the shoe being fashionable.

One of the most comfortable shoes that you can find are sandals. They are worn year round here in Florida with our sunny weather and warmer climate. They allow aeration to your feet and the strain of your toes squeezing in tight shoes will not be there. The best thing you can do is identify sandals that are durable and well designed so that they will not result in you suffering from blisters on your feet. It is important that you realize all sandals aren’t made primarily for comfort; some are made for fashion.

The following are tips to use in picking the right sandals for you:
1. Pick sandals that are appropriate for the activity you are going to do.
Summer offers a wide range of activities you can participate in as you enjoy the warm sunny weather. While walks on the beach and having picnics are some of the recreational activities that are common, some sandals have features that are designed for certain activities. For example, hiking sandals have outer soles that are rugged and usually have straps that go across the foot. Hiking sandals are designed to effectively protect your feet and give you a good grip on the ground as you hike.

2. Get the right fit.
When it comes to identifying comfortable shoes, the fit is a major factor to consider. Get a sandal that will easily accommodate your foot and that doesn’t result in parts of your foot hanging over. The front part of the sandal should have enough space to accommodate your toes, and you shouldn’t have to clench them because they are hanging over. The straps of the sandals should support your foot well and shouldn’t be too tight, or too loose, as you walk.

3. Identify sandals with arch support.
There are few sandals that are good for walking all day. This is because most of them are not designed to give the arch support that you need as you wear them for an extended period of time. Arch support is important, it prevents you from experiencing fatigue in your muscles and could help prevent back pain, too.

4. Make sure the sandal has adequate cushioning.
Ensure that the sole of your sandal is made of foam that is dense as well as high-quality. The cushioning should be present particularly in the heel area of the foot. You can use your finger to push into heel area to test if the foam is enough for your comfort.

Author bio – Mach Joel is a fashion designer and expert. He has his own fashion house that sells men’s wear and authentic footwear that includes bamboo sandals. He is a great fan of soccer matches which he loves to watch during his free time. For more information, please visit his website by clicking HERE.