How to Set Realistic Exercise Goals

The most difficult thing about exercising is starting and knowing what to do. Setting realistic goals will help you add physical activity to your life.

How to Set Realistic Exercise Goals

How to Set Realistic Exercise Goals

By: Rae Lane
The most difficult thing about exercising is starting and knowing what to do. Setting realistic goals will help you add physical activity to your life. You may be thinking “I am physically active, I work in the house, I work in the yard, I walk the dog, and take the kids the park. That’s enough right?” There actually is a lot more we can do to get to our physical potential and improve the most important part of your body “the heart.”

The famous hall of fame baseball player Yogi Berra once said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’re likely to end up somewhere else.” The best way to start out is by setting realistic goals. Start small and build up as time goes by. For example, if you have a goal to jog five miles a day, you are not going to get there on the first day with out some major pains and near death experiences. You may want to start jogging for 1 mile the first week, and 2 miles the next couple of weeks etc… then after time you will achieve your five mile goal.

Long term versus short term goals actually go hand in hand. You need to set long term goals, but in order to get to that final result you have to have a plan, and within that plan are your short-term goals. Choosing our goals depend on each individual. We are all different, and everyone has different talents and weaknesses, we also have different bodies. When considering that – DO NOT LOOK AT OTHER PEOPLE AND SAY “I WANT TO LOOK LIKE THAT.” Doing that you will only get frustrated and you will quit altogether. Make goals that you will enjoy, in doing so you will stay with it. For example if you like to ride bicycles, make goals in that realm. There are a lot of different programs that you can follow, and keep you motivated. Find a friend that may be in the same situation as you, and both of you can work out together and you can report to one another on your progress.

If you belong to a fitness club, a great way to get results is to join an aerobic class or two. Classes can keep you motivated, and they are always fun and challenging. The instructors are skilled and professional. Don’t feel obligated to do everything in the class, you know your limits, and until you get accustomed to that class you don’t have to do everything that everyone else is doing in the class. You can also get a personal trainer, and they can sit down with you and determine what exercises would be best for you. They can also help you get motivated and if you have a hard time keeping yourself motivated there is always someone pushing you harder.

If you are currently physically active and you are not seeing any results, you may have to totally change up your routine. Our bodies adapt to the same physical activities and in that sense your goals will not be achieved. In closing we need to always stay motivated, work hard, be real, love yourself, and have fun.

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