Humidity and Your Home

Humidity and Your Home
Written by Jamie D.

Many homes located on Amelia Island have issues with humidity and mold especially in the summer time. Our climate here on the First Coast is rated as “tropical” and the humidity is present year round. Ever walked into a brand new home to find it “stuffy”? Or, how about when you are gone for a few days? You turn your home A/C up to the high 70s only to return to find a foul “moldy” odor. Have you seen mold growing on your leather cloths or shoes? All of these cases are due to a high level of humidity in your home.

By design, air conditioners are designed to handle these issues by not only cooling the air but also removing the humidity from the structure; however there are factors that may prevent this from happening. I had a conversation recently with a heating and air technician about what causes certain homes to experience these problems and what can be done to remedy them. First is to have the correct size heating and air unit for your size home. In this case having a unit that’s too big is just as bad as having one that is under sized. These units are measured in tonnage of air they provide and are fitted to the homes square footage. If the unit is undersized it will not cool/ heat or pull enough of the moisture out of the house. On the flip side a unit that is too big will actually push too much air causing a negative pressure in your home and causing your unit to be even more inefficient than if it were too small. Next is having the correct air returns located in and around the inside of your home. These air returns are what pulls the warm humid air out and replaces it with the cool dry air. Make sure you have clean air filters at all times, how many times have we all heard that one? A dirty filter will greatly reduce the amount of air that can flow through the filter thus causing the same effect, improper cooling and inefficient moisture removal. A home air purifier is a system customized to fit to your home’s HVAC system and is stored in your garage. It replaces all other air filters you may have because this system not only filters dust but also all other impurities that are found in the home making the air completely clean.

These are some very useful tips in keeping the humidity down in your home. Running your air conditioning system is better than opening windows to remove any moisture that is in your home. Even in the cooler months there is still a high level of humidity in the air. Make sure your fan switch for your A/C unit is in the automatic position. Running the fan all the time when the compressor is not on will actually introduce moisture back into the home. This happens because all the pipes and duck work associated with your system will start to sweat due to the air being pulled through them without the cooling side of your unit running. Finally, always remember to make sure your filters are changed once a month and are clean.

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