I Came Out a Different Person

With a couple of allnighters under my belt, we finally after 8 months launched a major selfhelp selfgrowth website called www.fortunebound.com last Monday. To be honest with you, my body was wrecked and I was suffering from pains and headaches as if I had deliberately fought Mike Tyson in his best years. My wife, always the smarter one, just picked up the phone and called Don Murphy at the Dome Healing Center for an appointment. I had been to the Dome before and was pleasantly impressed by Don’s approach and execution of a great and relaxing massage. He definitely qualified in the top 10 of the thousands of massages I have had over the years. Well that all changed this time.

Walking into the building there is a great scent and beautiful esoteric music. Don, his wife Cindy and their staff are deep into oriental relaxation, yoga, chakra application, which reminds me to ask him if he also practices Tai Chi. Having spent considerable time in the Himalayas, Tibet and Japan, I have learned about the healing power of massages, reflexology and yoga.

Nothing however could have prepared me for the experience I received this time.

After being shown into the massage room, I undressed and laid on the massage table as instructed: a warm towel-covered pillow under my head and a nice sized roll under my knees and I was ready for a nice hour of relaxation. I noticed that the music in the room was not your average type Enya tape but had a flighty, yet somehow attention demanding quality to it. As I closed my eyes, waiting for Don to return, the Megaherz of the sound dropped and started to enter my body in a very pleasant and relaxing way. It was almost as if the gentle vibrations that entered my body and mind took away any stress build-up instantly.

When Don entered the room a couple of minutes later I could only say WOW, this feels great.

After I came out of the best hour of massage I have ever experienced -and I mean that- I asked Don about the Sound and the System. He told me that it had been years in development from vibro-acoustic sound therapy and is called BETAR, an acronym for Bio-Energetic Transduction-Aided Resonance. Due to our life situations, our body stores stress in its tissues, which in turn hampers our well-being. The stress imbalances that disturb and make the body susceptible to illness often go undetected until they become quite acute. We then assume that the stiffness, soreness, negative thinking, and the general fatigue that fosters aging is normal.

The original BETAR system would not have been applicable at the Dome Healing Center, because the volume coming from 5 different massage rooms would have overpowered the building. So Don and the developers of BETAR set out to design a Stealth Edition that would be silent but for the hum of seven low frequencies ranging from 4 to 96 Herz. Don just added his Himalayan music to the package and created an experience that makes me rank him number 1 in the field.

As I laid on the table breathing and listening to the Stealth Edition of the BETARs pleasant music, gliding sound waves passed through and resonated with my body. The best way I can describe it is that it feels like a deep caressing massage within the body or a very refreshing sleep, while a master like Don Murphy is massaging the rest of a weary and beaten body back into shape.

Usually after a massage I jump up about a minute after the masseuse leaves the room. This time it took me 5 minutes plus and I had to physically rip myself out of a slumber.

Thanks Don, I came out of that room a different person.

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