Important Safety News for Offshore Cruisers

Coastguard quite monitoring outdated 121Mhz distress channels

Here is some safety news for boaters who regularly or occasionally cruise offshore beyond the 20 mile markers. The US Coastguard has announced that as of February 1st, they will no longer monitor the 121 Mhz radio frequency for distress signals.

About nine years ago the international satellite based search and rescue organization COSPAS?SARSAT introduced the new technology 406 Mhz EPIRB’s (Emergency Positioning Indicating Radio Beacons) as the new standard for Offshore distress signaling, because of their accuracy and efficiency. Offshore cruisers and fishing vessels are advice to either purchase or rent (if only occasionally used) this new equipment.

The cost of purchase runs about $500 per unit and for a weekly rental program ($40), boaters may contact 888-66 EPIRB or check out the website

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