On what probably was the coldest morning in North Florida so far this year, greed was effectively separated from need, when the Journey Church, the non denominational service on Sadler Rd. held its annual Bless Back Project in the parking lot on the corner of 8th St and Sadler Rd.

Only those who really needed the blessing of this great initiative were willing to wait in a 200 plus people line for the opening of the Great Give Away. Food, clothes, toys, instruments, bicycles and many other very useful items were spread over a large area and depending on criteria such as family size, the Church Volunteers helped them pack up “goodies” for Christmas.

In speaking with one of the volunteers I learned that in the past, Church Volunteers collected and distributed more than $140,000 in foods and goods per event. This year was a little less she admitted, as the economy is taking a toll on everyone.

The event was declared OPEN when at 9 am sharp Santa (the truest Santa I have seen in a long time) arrived on a Harley Davidson, preceded by 8 Reindeer on Harley’s. A loud and festive start of what hopefully will be a Holiday week of Peace on Earth.

At SearchAmelia we are proud to be part of a community that so overwhelmingly comes out to support where it is needed. Kudos to the Journey Church and all its volunteers and contributors to a Charity that is so “hands on” that it gives me chills.

Watch video here

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