Indiana to Cut Unemployment Benefits by HalfWe have all heard the positive and negatives concerning unemployment benefits. There are those who say cut them off and they will find work. Then you have the other side who claim there truly are no jobs to be had and the unemployment check is the only answer for many.

It seems the state of Indiana is going to do something about their unemployment. The state of Indiana owes $1.9 billion in state unemployment to the federal government. They are going to cut unemployment benefits by up to fifty percent. How will this affect those receiving an unemployment check, in some cases the only income for many? This is going to be interesting to watch.

The state is cutting unemployment benefits but taking on additional cost by placing armed guards at unemployment offices around the state. There will be many who will no doubt be upset with the decision and of course blame the government. I hope there will be many who find jobs but I don’t see it happening. If there are no jobs to be had and benefits are cut by up to fifty percent, I think we will see the poverty level rising for the state of Indiana.

Let’s keep a close watch on this one.