Indie Movie Planned for Petanque America Tournament

UBK studios out of Chicago is planning an Indie Movie to be shot here in Fernandina Beach during the 2nd Petanque America Open in November

in 60 days Petanque America's Open is here again

With the Pétanque America Open coming up in November, UBK Studios, a low or  better yet “non funded” group of cinematographers from Chicago is trying to raise enough funds for travel expenses from Chicago, IL to Amelia Island, Florida  for 3-4 crew members.
Now UBK got a good shot of international recognition when they first learned about the game while traveling to Cannes France as part of the Cannes Film Festival. As a result they produced a short documentary about the game of Pétanque, titled “Ludo”, which won an award for best Cinematography at the Real Ideas Studio Festival.

Shortly after this, UBK was contacted by Philippe Boets from Pétanque America here on Amelia Island, who discussed the opportunity to document the 2nd Pétanque America Tournament on Amelia Island on November 12,13 and 14 this year. The idea is for UBK to produce a short instructional film as well as a 30 minute newstype coverage of the festival itself. And beyond that they plan on making a feature length documentary on the game and the people who play it. Another chance for Fernandina Beach and Amelia Island to get on the big screen, after just completing another Indie production “The Diary of Preston Plummer” with Rumer Willis and Trevor Morgan.

UBK is a small highly enthusiastic group of young film makers without big budgets. So they are currently looking for help of any kind to make this film a reality. For more info you can check out – – and their Facebook Fan Page.

To get an idea of what they are looking for in assistance, we’re talking rental cost for Canon DSLR Cameras, audio equipment, lighting kits, music licensing rights and DVD Duplication.

As you may know the word pétanque in English is more bastardized than the sounds of pecan and finding videos is even more difficult. After watching “LUDO” it is briliantly apparent that these guys UBK know their stuff and through their proposed dvd, will give pétanque a huge shot in the arm here in the States.
Just on Amelia Island, the game has found so many players in less than one year time that court space is looking for expansion. Philippe Boets already announced that this year’s players could have easily surpassed 200, if there would have been enough court spaces. As it is the maximum has been set at 96 teams, which will give the island a nice boost of 300 to 400 visitors from around the US and the globe.
Visit UBK Studios Pétanque Promo to watch the pétanque promo.

For information on how you can contribute to this worthwhile cause contact UBK Studios directly, send us an email at and we’ll forward it to the right people or contact Philippe at
and….make sure to mark the November dates on your calendar. It’s going to be serious fun.

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