Is Everyone Angry About Healthcare or is it Just Me?

Do we need a health care plan run by the government? One fact is for certain, we do need a health care plan that works for everyone and that is affordable.

healthcare-angerI don’t know about you but I have noticed lately that everyone just seems down right angry about the healthcare issue. Everyone seems to have an opinion of what should or shouldn’t be done. Do we need this or that and has the government done what is best for us?

Now I don’t think there are any absolute answers to be given. I do think there are many “power pockets” in government and they are all fighting to win whatever cause they may be on at the moment. Now, is this in the best interest of the people, maybe for some but not for others. Take the health care debate that is going on right now across our country. There are those that are for it and others are against it. Who’s right or who’s wrong? Some say the government can’t run anything efficiently so why would we want them to run our health care. I can’ t say that I disagree with the fact that it seems to be a challenge for the government to do anything efficiently, and that’s a fact. One fact is for certain, we do need a health care plan that works for everyone and that is affordable. When you think about it, it was easier to put a man on the moon and bring him back to earth in 1969 then it is for grown adults to sit and figure out what would work in a simple insurance plan for our country.

I think the town hall meetings that are going on are great and it doesn’t matter what side of the isle you are on. Our constitution and our founding fathers planned our democracy as such, for our voices to be heard and our thoughts delivered to those elected to listen to us. Should this be done with anger, bitterness and hate? I can’t help but wonder if the son’s of liberty expressed themselves with anger at the King and the taxes being imposed? I think there is a fine line between passion and anger. Regardless, our elected officials in performing the duties of their elected office should at a minimum listen to us. I don’t believe anything should be done with an attitude based on anger and hate however citizens who express themselves with passion should also be respected and heard.

We will endure this process just as we have endured all the processes of the past. We will get through this. Do I think we will see a national health care system? I think with the present make up of congress we should see it happen. Will it cost us a lot of money? The answer to that is absolutely, just as all the other programs and bailouts the government has done in the past eight months. I guess the one good thing we can all count on is we will all know what we will be doing for the next fifty years, working and paying taxes.

And the beat goes on.

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  1. Nassau Patriots

    There's a Health Care meeting at the Betty Cook Center on 8/27.
    You can get more details here:

  2. meghannb

    From Canada…Hi!
    Not sure why everyone in the US is so upset about gov providing health care to your citizens especially the ones who are not covered. Our system is not perfect, NO SYSTEM is perfect but it works for us and I guess that if it didn't we would elect new people to make it work or work better and I guess that is your option down the road as well. But hey you have lots of problems in your country and Health Care is not going to be fixed in 4 yrs, but what you need to do is get on track to improving it for everyone. In Canada I would have more faith in a gov run program than a private ins company program where the company is out to make money and right up contracts with so many loop holes that you might never get your proper coverage. At least you can bring public debate and vote out gov if things don't turn out properly. What do you do with a private company who is screwing you left right and centre? Believe me the sky is not falling and if you make changes more will come down the pipe as you continue to re-define your health care issuses. I live in Alberta we have recently got rid of our health care premiums that were taken off your pay cheques, if you are below a certain income it was always free. We only have to pay for our drug plans which also come off our pay cheques, I can see any Dr I want and they can send me to any specialist I want. True we can't always access certain types of procedures immediately and true in the US you have some of the world's top specialists but our system has some great Doctors as well so please stop critizing our system and get to work on your own, look around and take the best from everyone else's system so you can have only the best.

    Good luck:0

  3. JuneBug

    Yes, I am angry about Healthcare. I retired from a major corporation 8 years ago with wonderful healthcare coverage for myself and my spouse. Now the cost to maintain that same coverage has risen dramatically as have the copays and prescription costs.
    One of our problems is the extra layer of middle management that was inserted into the system when HMOs and PPOs, ect. were inserted into the system.

  4. Jacktar

    Why am i here well one of the reasons is that Mr tony Blair &Co managed to ruin the health care system in trying to put it back together they had to raise taxes. As i Was one of the slightly higher tax bracket people i ended up paying around 52% of the portion of earnings over the threshold in Taxes no deductions, This did not cover health care that is extra it is called national insurance it is earnings related so the more you earn the more you pay. Typically i paid $450 per month for health and welfare on top of my taxes. Believe me the system you have works you just have to manage the costs by reducing waste stop trying to rip off folk by tests they do not require put the patient first not the bank balance. and get rid of this attitude of suing just for the hell of it. One way would be to award costs and make the individual pay if they lost the case, this may discourage some ambulance chasing and stupid law suits. Believe me the president is playing Mr blairs playbook play by play, the sad thing i know what is coming next. HIGH TAXES. Oh by the way my son paid $7 for a gallon of gas yesterday, draw your own conclusions.

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