It Followed Me Home

Does anyone know where to get discounted veterinary services for taking in a stray cat?

gracie-the-catAs a parent, how many times have you heard, It followed me home? Whether it is a puppy, a cat or a snake, they seem to just follow children home and we know it is not always true. Well, our 14 year old daughter was babysitting last weekend and she was taking the young boy for a walk around the neighborhood. My husband and I were standing outside in the driveway and we saw them looking down at something along the side of the road. I asked my husband, “What are they looking at?” About that time a tiny grey kitten sprung up into view. She leapt and pounced behind the children all of the way home. If I had not seen this little fur ball in action with my own eyes, I never would have believed it.

So, as parents, now what do we do? Gracie, as she was soon named for her lack of gracefulness, was very hungry and barely weaned. Suspecting she was dropped off in our neighborhood as a stray, we fed her some turkey and chicken baby food with the help of a neighbor and provided her with fresh water to drink. None of the neighbors know where she came from and we have seen no missing kitten signs in the area. It has been ten days and we appear to be the grandparents of the sweetest little kitty!

It seems we will accept the challenge of more vet bills and though tiny, another mouth to feed, but that is OK because we believe things tend to happen for a reason. I just hope Gracie turns out to be a phenomenal typist and contributing writer for SearchAmelia News! I doubt it, too, but I am sure the Adventures of Gracie will add some interesting stories into the mix for our pet loving readership.

Does anyone know where to get discounted veterinary services for taking in a stray cat?

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