Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra has Amelia Island Connections

If you have the opportunity to witness the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra in action, don't miss it!

Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra My daughter and I went to see the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra at Jacoby Hall recently in Jacksonville, Florida. We were there for the 2011 Major/Minor concert where the Youth Orchestra played along with the JSO.

Browsing the program, we recognized some students in the Youth Orchestra and realized some of their Conductors as well have Amelia Island connections. Not to mention that Rayonier was a generous sponsor of this evening’s events.

Marjorie Dutilly, Conductor for the Jacksonville Symphony Youth Orchestra Strings is the founder and director of Selah Strings of Nassau County, Director of Music at Faith Christian Academy in Fernandina Beach and she has taught at Amelia Arts Academy.

Judith Steinmeyer, who was conducting the JSYO Premiere Strings and Philharmonic Strings, is not only a voting member for the Grammy Awards, but she too, has maintained faculty positions with a number of prestigious music organizations including Amelia Arts Academy.

It is exciting to know our local community has such talented and generous musicians!

This celebration of youth included featured performances by scholarship winners Hannah Fell, Mitchell Kuhn and Likai He who offered outstanding presentations in flute, oboe and the violin respectively.

Music is truly a universal language and if you have the opportunity to witness the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra in action, don’t miss it!

Amelia Island Residents in Action for the Symphony (ARIAS)
ARIAS is a local, non-profit that was founded in 1999 to support the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra, share with local residents JSO offerings and to bring music to Nassau County schools. For more information about ARIAS and their mission, visit Julie Simmons’ article in the Amelia Islander.

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