January 18’s meeting of the 2018 Writers by the Sea will be held at the Amelia Island Museum of History, 233 S. 3rd Street, in Fernandina Beach, FL. Gather for announcements at 6:00 p.m., immediately followed by the presentation: Binge-Worthy Story Telling: A Revolution in Writing presented byDr. Nadine Vaughan D’Ardenne.

Recently, online streaming services stumbled upon a risky way to exponentially increase their profits. Called the Binge-worthy series, it is so-called because the entire series is released at once, with writing that compels the viewer to watch a season’s worth of episodes back-to-back: Think Game of Thrones; House of Cards; and Stranger Things. These scripts are a radical departure from the traditional 3-Act format. And that is good news for writers. Perfectly suited for the new millennial mindset, it also appeals to newer (ever younger) viewers and many of advancing age who love a story where it is much harder to predict the ending. Fast-paced and multi-layered in both character and plot, its open-ended loops purposefully entice the viewer to watch one episode after another, even if it means missing work the next day. This writing style includes elements that are strangely reminiscent of the addiction process.

Writers by the Sea, Director Nadine D’Ardenne, is an award-winning screenwriter and licensed psychologist. She will offer insights into this type of writing as an author and as a psychologist. As the former, she initially set out to learn the craft. As the latter, she was amazed to recognize the similarities to addiction. The scripts are purposefully designed to create a psychological need for more. Dr. Vaughan will discuss some of the psychological principles upon which this method exists, along with some pros and cons of developing a career based upon this method of writing. Please check out our website: www.WritersByTheSea.net for more about us and FaceBook: Writers by the Sea – Amelia Island.