Jerky Treats are Making our Pets Sick

Imported Jerky made from chicken, duck, sweet potatoes and/or dried fruits are making our pets sick... are humans next?

Jerky Treats are Making our Pets SickOver 3,500 dogs and ten cats have reportedly become ill after eating jerky pet treats and about 580 of those pets have died according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Agency Needs Your Help

If you have a pet that has become sick after eating a jerky treat, the FDA wants to know about it. While the cause is undetermined, Veterinarians have been sent a letter to help gather more information including a consumer fact sheet to help alert consumers to this potentially deadly problem.

It is also reminding pet owners that treats are just that, treats, and should not be considered a part of your pets balanced diet.

The illness is associated with jerky tenders or strips made from chicken, duck, sweet potatoes and/or dried fruits, and most of the implicated treats have been made in China.

Symptoms include decreased appetite and activity levels, vomiting, diarrhea and increased water consumption and urination. If your pet becomes ill contact your veterinarian and save remaining treats and their package in case it is needed for further testing.

For instructions on how to report pet food complaints please contact this website: for more information.

Editor’s note: The dog pictured is our ten month old puppy, Bentley, and he is fine. When we had our first well-puppy visit with our veterinarian, we were told NOT to feed him treats that were imported from China and other countries.

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