July is the Month to Renew Resolutions
July is the Month to Renew Resolutions
You have entered the second half of 2010. Are you where you planned to be? New Year’s resolutions are made to be kept for the entire year and July is the month to review and renew your personal goals for the year.

I am a big fan of dividing tasks into smaller, manageable chunks, but I am also driven by deadlines and we are half way to our goals for the year, so it may be time to add some extra motivation.

Here are some silly motivators that work, because, well they are silly!

Put a chart on the wall to measure your progress. Use a picture of a thermometer like you have seen used in fundraisers, or give yourself a gold star to re-enforce your own positive behavior.

Make several copies of a motivating passage, picture, scripture or image. Anything that readily reminds you of your goals will do the trick. Next, tape them everywhere, especially where they will do the best job. If you are wanting to lose weight tape them to your mirror, the fridge, the pantry and your cupboards. If you are completing a home improvement project then tape them to your tool box, your garage door and yes, also on your mirror. If you want to save money, tape your reminders to your checkbook, your office door, wherever you store your car keys and of course, tape it to your mirror, too!

Plan to spend time with your project. Call it an appointment, call it a punishment or call it a date, but set aside time to spend accomplishing your goal. Put the time and date in writing and tape it on your calendar, the dashboard of your car, next to your home telephone (if you still have one) and of course your mirror.

“Why the mirror?” You ask. Because the mirror is one of the first things you look at each morning when you brush your teeth.

Envision the state of your uncompleted task as horrible as you can. Get angry at it! Picture every pound you want to lose as a glob of yellow butter… how many sticks are in one pound of butter? Oh yeah, you get the idea, picture that butter on your thighs, your hips and your gut.

Make that garage door that sticks the enemy and get the broken one out of your house!

Trying to save money? Make every trip to the store a mission for you to stay on track and not be persuaded by advertisements and impulse items – these are the enemy and their goal is to separate you from your money. “Don’t let them do it, Man!”

Buy it! This is not the Dr. Phil’s “own it” philosophy, I literally mean “buy it.” If you can hire someone to replace the back porch, though you had intended to do it yourself, do so. Your resolution was to replace the back porch, right? Trying to lose weight and not so successful on your own? Join a gym or try the Zone Diet, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers or any other reputible programs that will help you achieve your goals.

Whatever motivates you to succeed is acceptable!

You still have time, so do not give up. There are six more months left in 2010 for you to make your New Year resolutions a success!

For more traditional ideas to stay on track visit Defining New and Healthier Habits.

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