Live Blues Protected by Smith and Wilson

This project seems like a great way to invest in true legendary bluesman, with a special connection to Amelia Island.

Live Blues Protected by Smith and WilsonWillie “Big Eyes” Smith died on the very same day he was scheduled to perform at the inaugural Amelia Island Blues Festival, which will be held September 14th, 15th and 16th, 2012 right here in Fernandina Beach, Florida.

Roger “Hurricane” Wilson, who honored us last year with his presence at the Amelia Island Blues Festival took it upon himself not to forget Willie “Big Eyes” and his blues legacy and started a commemorative CD project. This project seems like a great way to invest in a truly legendary bluesman, with a special connection to Amelia Island. Please think about a contribution, large or small, to this very cool project.

Roger is already well on his way to producing this CD, to help preserve the legacy of this dynamic blues Grammy Winner. They only need about $5,000 to complete the project.

Roger “Hurricane” Wilson, who will not only perform at this year’s Blues Festival in September, but also will be the MC, is leading an effort through a great website called, trying to raise $6,000 in 45 days to pay for the production of this acoustic project by July 21, 2012. Anything you can donate, no matter how large or small is appreciated. There are six levels of thank you gifts that are a small token of great appreciation for donations.

This project’s title is “Live Blues Protected By Smith & Wilson“, featuring longtime Muddy Waters band member and 2010 Grammy winner, Willie “Big Eyes” Smith. As we mentioned before, sadly, Willie passed away several months after winning his award on the day he was looking at playing for us on Amelia Island. Instead his son took on the mammoth emotional task to sit in and still treat us to his father’s legendary blues.

The CD was recorded on one of the four duo tours Willie and Hurricane did between 2008 and late 2010. This show took place in a sold out theater in Harrisburg, PA., and it captured the magic and intimacy that acoustic Blues music offers. Willie was performing harmonica and vocals, and Hurricane was just enjoying being there playing guitar and singing with him.

To get the full story and see the donor gift levels, please visit the fundraising site at:

The funding request here is to get this project produced and distributed in order to keep alive the memory of the late Willie “Big Eyes” Smith, a true Blues Legend. Your financial help in this endeavor will help in getting this done. Your donations will go toward mastering, manufacturing, artwork, advertising, and radio promotion.We would love to have your financial support, which will include the incentives listed herein, provided we reach our goal of $6000.00, If the goal is not met, your money will be returned. We hope you will join us to pay tribute to a great Bluesman, the late Willie “Big Eyes” Smith, and to keep his legacy and the Blues alive.

This is not just another CD, but an actual piece of Blues music history, tied closely to Amelia Island.

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