Close encounters between Florida manatees and boaters increase in the spring. As manatees leave their winter homes and travel the coasts and inland water, boaters also become more active on the water, too. This is a crucial time to be on the lookout to avoid a collision with these large mammals.

April 1st through November 15th there are seasonal manatee zones requiring boaters to slow down and help prevent the manatees from being struck by a variety of watercrafts.

Florida Wildlife lawenforcement are on patrol in state waters to remind boaters of the seasonal speed zones and take action when appropriate.

How to spot manatees:
-Wear polarized sunglasses
-Look for large circles on the water’s surface
-Watch for manatee snouts sticking out above the water
-Pay attention to manatee zone signage
-Report injured, distressed, sick, or dead manatees to (888) 404-3922 or call #FWC on a cellphone.

Florida invests over two million dollars a year for manatee conservation!