Love is my Religion [video]

An email earlier today give me the share code to a locally produced youTube video with a message than cannot be ignored.

The Next One is on September 4th - Labor Day Weekend

Ziggy Marley, the talented second son of Jamaican Reggae icon Bob Marley, started his career more than 30 years ago with his siblings Sharon, Cedella, Stephen and Damian who are all musically talented, and made up the fifth member of the Melody Makers at their father’s insistence.

During my years in St.Martin and the West Indies I saw several of the Marley siblings in concert and on occasion even interviewed them. Ziggy always struck me as the one with dad’s passion, ambition and charismatic talent. The last time I saw him, we produced a weekly entertainment program on local St.Martin TV. I remember producing an interview with Ziggy Marley and Jimmy Cliff, separately headlining the party part of the famous Heineken Regatta, and thought what amazing, heartwarming people.

I have always believed that once Jamaican Reggae and SKA enter your bloodstream, you start walking with differently. I have been spending every first Saturday of the month recently at SunSplash on the beach at Seaside Park (near Sliders) to move in the rhythms of Reggae music and watch the people react and dance. There is a great interaction between this music and the people, so when I got a youTube link emailed today with a local Amelia Island video produced on Ziggy Marley’s latest track “Love is my Religion”, I once again felt confirmation that moving to this island is one of the coolest things I have done in my life.

Enjoy the message and let me know how many locals you recognize. Karl Davis cannot be missed and Will is quite obvious in the picture. Who else?

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