Mad Dogs and Alley Cats
Mad Dogs and Alley Cats
For the Mother and Father Who Have Everything: Mad Dog and Alley Cats Pet Portrait

Fernandina Beach, FL – Dog and Cat lovers of Amelia Island, do you need a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift for the Mom or Dad who have everything? Blue Door Artists Studios, located at 205 1/2 Centre Street are premiering “Mad Dogs and Alley Cats,” a collection of whimsical art by Suzanne Batchelor and Georganna Mullis. Each artist has painted 25 cats and dogs using acrylic, oil and other multi-media applications for the show to display their work and encourage the community to purchase dog portraits for a good cause – The Nassau Humane Society.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Special
Consider buying a cat or dog portrait for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. For both occasions (through June 19th), Suzanne Batchelor is offering a digital dog art discount for an 8″ x 8″ or 12″ x 12″ on canvas. Normally $200, they are on sale for $125. If you want to purchase a gift certificate, you can do this in one of two ways:

1. Attend the show: Go to Facebook to the Blue Door Artists. Once there, you can view the event, RSVP and get the details. If you are not on Facebook, it is Saturday, May 8th from 5:30 – 8:30 pm at the Blue Door Artists’ Studios at 205 1/2 Centre Street, just next door to the coffee shop. Look for the colorful Blue Door and painted steps.
2. Visit their Website: Go to and purchase a gift card.

Once you purchase the gift certificate, Suzanne will handle the surprise, including the gift certificate wrapped and ready. Once you present the gift, all Mom or Dad have to do is contact her to begin the commission process, which is choosing a favorite style and medium and giving them a photograph to work from. She’ll paint a headshot for them on either a 8″ x 8″ or 12″ x 12″ canvas (1 1/2″ thick) ready to hang. No framing is needed. If you prefer the traditional look, oil paintings of dogs, which come in many sizes begin at $350. All cats are painted using acrylic, come in one size (8″ x 8″) and are $125.

During the show, each sale will generate a $10.00 donation to the Nassau County Humane Society to help them with the mission of finding homes for lost or abandoned animals. If you miss the show, you can order a portrait directly from the studio or online from either artist at a later date. Dr. Kim Carter at Nassau Veterinary Hospital will also have a display at the clinic for purchase. All sales from the hospital will also generate a $10 donation.

The Artists

Suzanne Batchelor
Suzanne Batchelor is an artist with the Blue Door Artists and has been there two years. Suzanne started her Mad Dog series during her initial foray into the subject, she met Dr. Kim Carter, (Nassau Veterinary Hospital) on Facebook and was introduced to Novia – Dr. Kim’s “Katrina rescue dog.” Suzanne painted Novia and since then, Suzanne and Doctor Kim have teamed up to offer pet portrait commissions through the hospital, with $10 of each sale going to the Nassau County Humane Society.

Suzanne paints traditional realistic dog paintings in oil on canvas, but has also been experimenting with digital creations – a very colorful and unique portrait option. She works from original photographs and with a stylus pen (brush) and a tablet (canvas), she transforms them into a colorful digital image that she then prints as a giclee on canvas that is 1 1/2 inches thick so there is no need for further framing. This option is more affordable than her oil paintings and she provides these intentionally to give her customers more visual and budget options.

Georganna Mullis
Georganna calls Amelia Island her home, having lived here for 40 years. She says we all have our favorite places and reasons for being on Amelia Island – and hers are simple enough, the painting vistas never let her down. Her paintings come from all the influences in her life, both visual and spiritual. No matter when or where she looks, or what the weather brings, there is always inspiration to be found. She has a fascination of color and movement that is ever-changing here depending on the time of day or the season of the year. The stately palm trees say so simply “Island Living” as does the vast expanse of marsh grasses or the shifting sands of beach dunes. In the right sunlight, color changes from dull grays and greens to vibrant reds, yellows and oranges with purple, violet and blue shadows.

She says her “Cat Project” is a departure from her usual landscapes and palm trees, but adds, “This has been pure fun. I’ve done fat cats, fun cats, sleepy cats, stray cats, family and friend cats, and of course, my cat ‘Sir Thomas Paul’ – the cat of ALL cats.” Every one of my paintings is the sum of all I’ve seen and felt as I live my life and I paint in many different mediums: oil, acrylic, collage, watercolor, and I am currently experimenting with fused glass. I believe art should be enjoyed by the viewer and the artist.

Studio Location
Suzanne and Georganna both have studios located within The Blue Door Artists, a gallery of nine working artist studios located at 205 1/2 Centre St. in historic Fernandina Beach. Regular hours are Mon-Sat 11 am – 5 pm.

For more information call Suzanne Batchelor at 491-5554 or Georganna Mullis at 556-5724.

Suzanne Batchelor is a writer and artist on Amelia Island. See her work at and