Mariachi bands

Mariachi is cultural music expressed through a group of musicians usually dressed in charro suits with wide-brimmed hats, often called sombreros. Mariachi bands are usually composed of many instruments including violins, guitars, basses, trumpets and a type of 5 string guitar called a vihuela. One of the most popular mariachi songs is La Cucaracha.

There are many theories as to where the name Mariachi came into play. Some people choose to believe that the word mariachi comes from the French word for wedding, marriage, because of the type of music played at such events. Another theory is that Mariachi is named after a Pilla or Cirimo tree, the wood being used to make guitars. But the truth is that no one knows where the name originated and the origin of the music itself isn’t easy to trace either.

People all around the world listen to mariachi music, so it could have originated anywhere. If you like mariachi music then go to Peppers Mexican Grill on Tuesday night in St. Mary’s, Wednesday night at their location in Jacksonville, or even here on Amelia Island Thursday evening starting at 5:30. A mariachi band will be playing and SearchAmelia will be there to film it. Peppers Mexican Grill and Cantina tries to have a mariachi band playing every couple of weeks at all of these locations. We hope to see you there!

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