Micah’s Place Adopt-a-Family

Victims of domestic violence often are not in a financial position to provide their children with a holiday experience

Micah's Place Adopt-a-FamilyThe Adopt-a-Family Holiday program offers donors the opportunity to provide assistance during the holiday season to individuals/families that are victims of domestic violence and are struggling to start their lives over. During this challenging and stressful time of their lives, many of these women are not in a financial position to provide their children with the joyful holiday experience that is such an enriching and memorable tradition in our lives.

Each November, Micah’s Place begins asking individuals, businesses, community groups, schools and faith-based organizations to consider participating in its Adopt-a-Family Holiday Program. Participating donors will be matched to one or more families and donors can choose to either give holiday gifts to their adopted family or give gifts cards which enable the parent to shop for the children’s gifts or purchase food for their holiday table. Either way, your gifts will go a long way toward facilitating a family’s joy and happiness during an otherwise difficult holiday season.

Please remember that these victims are clients of Micah’s Place, and as such, their names are kept in the strict confidence. Should you wish to participate in this program, please contact Micah’s Place at (904)491-6364 ext. 100 or send an email to: adminassistant@micahsplace.org.

How does it work?

    • Advocates offer eligibility to participants that are in need over the holiday season who have been continuously accessing our resources throughout the year through outreach or are currently staying in our shelter.
    • Interested donors will contact us requesting to adopt a family. We will email you the Wish list of your adopted family. The Center always maintains integrity to client confidentiality, so donors will not know names or any specifics about their adopted family other than the specifications provided by clients on their Wish list.
    • To assist donors with their shopping, our clients fill out Wish Lists including clothing sizes, color preferences, and preferred items wished for by their family members. Donors are not obligated to purchase everything on the lists. Wish lists are simply a tool to give some direction of the interests and needs of our families.
    • If you can not adopt an entire family you can choose to adopt a single woman by providing items such as slippers, robes, cosmetics and gift cards. Also purchasing miscellaneous Adopt-a-Family gifts is another way to contribute. These gifts work well as we are constantly working with clients and end up with families who are not adopted. We encourage miscellaneous gifts for teenage girls and boys and if you have experience with this age group we appreciate your assistance.
    • Please gift wrap only the gifts for the mom’s or single women. All gifts for children should NOT be gift wrapped and should be tagged with the adopted family # and specifics to which family member the gift is for, i.e., Family 12, Girl age 9. Most our moms would like the pleasure of wrapping the gifts for their children and tagging them from Santa especially if she has young children. It will be greatly appreciated if you could please provide wrapping paper for these gifts.
    • We would greatly appreciate the gifts to be bagged or boxed together and delivered to the administration office located inside the Purple Dove Resale Center by Monday, December 12th.
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