Convenient Stores Offer Local Knowledge

These quickie marts or convenient stores are mostly located on busy street corners and the majority of them stay open 24 hours a day.

Convenience Stores, lots of local advice

Convenience Stores, lots of local advice

We have all visited the convenient stores such as Flash Foods, Kangaroos, and Lil Champs for things such as fuel, cigarettes, ice, a cold drink or just a quick snack.  These quickie marts or convenient stores are mostly located on busy street corners and the majority of them stay open 24 hours a day.

So what is it about these establishments that make us all feel comfortable when we visit them?  Is it because of the simple convenience?  Could it be the fact that most winning lottery tickets are purchased at these type of establishments across the country?  Or is it the fact that nearly all fuel stops are associated with marts such as these?

I, like many of you, find myself stopping several times a week at these establishments. I even work next door to a Kangaroo store.  I have made good friends with several of the cashiers at a number of stores and have come to realize how resourceful these stores can be to all that visit them.

Things like knowing tow truck phone numbers right off the top of their heads, directions to difficult areas around Amelia Island, where to send visitors who are looking for an authentic Amelia Island meal and much more.  I spoke with one lady whom I’ve known for years and has worked at the same store for some time now about all the unique things they are called to do.

She laughed and explained to me that being a convenient store clerk comes with a grave responsibility.  It requires one to be a therapist, marriage counselor, adviser for major holiday gifts, current events specialist and in some cases a loving mother figure to those who just need a good hug.

Personally I think it’s great not only to have a place to get fuel or a great cup of coffee at any hour of the day, but just knowing¬† the attendants are special people who are there for you in so many¬†ways.¬† So the next time you stop at your Flash Foods or drop by a Kangaroo in the neighborhood, or maybe even visit the new owners at Smile Gas on Sadler Road, introduce yourself to the person behind the counter. Just don‚Äôt be surprised when you stop by the next time that they remember exactly who you are.

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