Miracle on 34th Street AuditionsAdapted by Mountain Community Theatre, based on the book by Valentine Davies, and directed by Toni D’Amico and Laura Swaim, Miracle on 34th Street auditions are coming to the Amelia Community Theatre on Saturday, September 26, 2015.

Times are 10:00am for young actors 6-17, and 2:00pm for adult actors.

Performances will be held December 3 – 19th.

Based on the beloved film and novel, this is a nostalgic holiday treat for the whole family! A single mother and her young daughter, Susan, have given up on Christmas… until they meet a mysterious gentleman at Macy’s claiming to be Santa Claus. This jolly Kris Kringle brings them hope and unleashes waves of goodwill throughout New York City. Could he be the real Santa Claus?

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Scripts available in our box office call 904-261-6749

Some of the roles listed below are smaller roles with a very light line load. Some parts could be doubled.

The characters listed above that do not have a gender beside their name can be male or female.

Kris Kringle (M) 45 & up – Kind old man who truly believes he is Santa Claus.
Doris Walker (F) 25 & up – Special events coordinator at Macy’s. Single mother.
Susan Walker (girl) 6-11 yrs – Daughter of Doris, wise beyond her years with a natural curiosity.
Fred Gaily (M) 25 & up 40 – Neighbor and friend of Doris and Susan. Attorney.
Dr. Pierce – Physician at Maplewood Home.
Shellhammer – 25 & up – Manager of Macy’s Toy Department. Assistant of Doris.
Sawyer – 40 & up – Macy’s psychologist.
Gimbel – Owner of Gimbel’s Department Store.
Newsboy – Sells paper about the trial.
Macy – Tycoon who is very concerned with public opinion and publicity.
Judge Harper – Knows his civic duty.
Mara – Prosecuting Attorney.
Mara, Jr. – Prosecuting Attorney’s child.
Halloran – Judge Harper’s political advisor.
Drunken Santa (M) Former Santa for Macy’s.
Bloomingdale – Owner and Manager of Bloomingdales.
Duncan – Antelope keeper at the Central Park Zoo.
Finley – Bailiff in Judge Harper’s Court.