Ms Senior Jacksonville Pageant 2014

Fernandina Beach local, Crystal Molchan, is a contestant in the Ms Senior Jacksonville Pageant 2014.

Ms Senior Jacksonville Pageant 2014Fernandina Beach local, Crystal Molchan, is a contestant in the Ms Senior Jacksonville Pageant 2014.

Hosted by A Seasoned Affair, Inc., they assist seasoned women through education, empowerment and pageantry. Their pageants are created with the mature woman in mind; a woman who wants to have a good time, met new people, be recognized, and dispel the myths of aging.

The pageant will be held at 2:00 PM, June 28, 2014, at Florida State College at Jacksonville’s Kent Campus. Kumasi Aaron, of WJXT, News 4 Jax, is the Mistress of Ceremony.

Crystal is a local hair stylist with Tangles Salon, and a member of the Fernandina Pirates Club where she makes many of her own costumes. Having participated in pageants as a teenager, she feels confident going into the Ms. Senior Jacksonville Pageant. Crystal said, “This pageant is a celebration to this part of my life. I’m excited that I can encourage and inspire other women my age that it’s okay to grow old gracefully, as long as your having fun doing it.” And you can believe she will be in good company with other vibrant, wise and beautiful senior contestants from Northeast Florida.

You can imagine what her talent routine will be by looking at the picture below. Crystal will impersonate Phyllis Diller and interact with the costumed characters seen here. Crystal styled the hair and make up, and hand crafted the apparel. So she will show off her dramatic talents in comedy, singing, cosmetology, sewing and costuming.

Pictured Left to Right: Mrs. Lovett, from Sweeny Todd; the Queen of Hearts, from Alice in Wonderland; The Dusty Maid, of The Carol Burnett Show; and Scarlett O’Hara, of Gone with the Wind.

The stages of the pageant are:
1) Personal Interview
2) Talent (2 minutes)
3) Evening Gown
4) Words of Wisdom, a 35 second speech.

…but only one of these Six Sensational Seniors will be a champion for senior women.

A Seasoned Affair has a history in the long term care industry and they deliver presentations on the ABCs of long term care, nursing home care, nursing care rights, how to choose a nursing home, and setting and maintainng your life goals.

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