Museum of History’s 3rd on 3rd with Marie Santry

In 1768, 1,403 Minorcan, Greek, Italian, and Corsican men, women and children travel to American shores in a single Atlantic crossing.

Museum of History's 3rd on 3rd with Marie SantryAmelia Island Museum of History will host their next 3rd on 3rd presentation, Minorcans to Florida 1768 – A Journey Story, with Mariet Santry.

The journey of 1,403 Minorcan, Greek, Italian, and Corsican men, women and children in 1768 constitute the largest body of peoples to travel to the American shores in a single Atlantic crossing during colonial times. They were recruited by a Scottish Doctor to settle 60,000 acres of East Florida land grants awarded by the British government. These people are the founding settlers of New Smyrna.

After nine years of indentured servitude to the doctor, the survivors walked to St. Augustine and settled there. Their descendants are numerous in northeast Florida, including Amelia Island and other parts of Nassau County.

One of the descendants, Marie Santry, will tell of the origins of these people, the various reasons for their departure to the New World, their journey across the sea, and the conditions of their settlements in New Smyrna and St. Augustine.

It’s a story of hope, survival, and ultimately, one of triumph.

This program is free and open to the public, with a suggested donation of $5 for non-members. In association with the Amelia Island Genealogical society, the 3rd on 3rd presentation is Friday, June 21st, at 6 pm. For more information contact Gray at 261-7378 ext 102.

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