My Dog Can Tell Time

My Dog Can Tell Time

My Dog\'s Internal Clock

My Dog Can Tell Time
By: Judie Mackie

My dog can tell time, yours too, I suppose.
I’m awakened at six with him licking my nose.
His tail a-wagging, quick as a strobe,
He brings me my slippers, paper and robe.

I rub my eyes and scratch his head,
Wishing he’d allow me longer in bed.
I brush my teeth and jump in the shower;
After letting him out to play for an hour!

I look at the clock, sixty minutes defined,
He scratches the door, starts to bark and to whine.
Straight to the kitchen he goes and sits by his dish.
Then I feed him, then the cat, then the fish.

He never asks for money or a ride to the store,
And he’s happy to see me when I walk in the door.
And as long as I pet him or give him a bone,
He won’t interrupt me when I’m on the phone.

He fetches his leash precisely at eight,
Then we hit the streets for our nightly gait.
At the end of the day when I’m ready to snooze,
He falls fast asleep to the ten o’clock news.

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