My Taste Buds Go Wild in the Doctors Office

Waiting at a doctor's appointment increases my waistline as I'm studying mouth watering recipes.

Southern Living recipes are my downfall

I’ll let you in on a little secret of mine, I like to cook.  Plain and simple, I like to cook.  After twenty five years in the Fire Department where I did most of the cooking and being raised by a mother who stayed in the kitchen, it just seemed to come natural and the more I cooked the more I liked it.  To this day I love to get in the kitchen and do a little cooking or baking.  I like to grill also and it seems I am always experimenting with new things.  Some turn out great and some not so great, but hey, experimenting is what cooking is all about.

So today I was in a doctor’s office with my wife waiting for our turn when it dawned on me, my taste buds go crazy in a doctors office.  I always go for the magazines with the recipes. I am constantly tearing out pages and at some point in the future giving them a try.  I get hungry looking at the things to cook.  I honestly feel I could gain a couple of pounds reading all the recipes and I think that the longer the wait the more my waistline expands. Next time I’ll weigh at home before I go and then in the doctor’s room and I’ll swear I will have put on a coule more pounds. Oh well, I guess we all need a vice or two.

I wonder if is the power of advertising or simply a passion for something I really like doing that gets my taste buds going and stirring up those hunger pains.  At any rate, I came home with two great ideas and if I have time I will give them a try this weekend.  One is for stuffed baked chicken and I have already added my own ingredients to it giving it a little Mediterranean flair.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.


  1. tommylee

    I question why doctors offices have cooking recipe magazines in their waiting rooms. I guess it is to make sure that people have a reason to return to their waiting room, if not for the recipes than it is for the added pounds they desperately need to loose. That's one way of keeping your patients coming back.

    I wonder if Dentists have candy rich advert magazines in their waiting rooms on purpose. I know that they are one of the largest shareholders in the Mars Inc. corporation. Maybe doctors have shares in the fast food business too. LOL

    B.T.W. I love to cook as well and yes that had everything to do with my mom. She always said when I was little: “It is never a waste to know how to cook, as in a relationship everything should be equally shared and that meant cooking as well”.

  2. blacklablover

    Perhaps the food magazines calm the minds of 'white coat syndrome' patients while they wait.

  3. Ameliaprivateeye

    Often the magazines found in the doctor's waiting room are brought in by patients. I remember my mother, many of her friends and similarly aged relatives would keep old magazines for the sole intention of donating them to doctor's and hospital waiting rooms. That would mean they were actually “re-cycling” before the term became politically and environmentally correct. Way to go, Mom!!! ; )

  4. Ameliaprivateeye

    Nick – if those recipes are as good as you suspect, why not share them here on SearchAmelia once you have added your own twist?

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