Nassau County Tennis Players Find New Opponents

Join the North Nassau Tennis Ladder and play local players of similar skill for position on the ladder.

Tennis, Anyone?

Tennis, Anyone?

Finding tennis opponents just got easier for players in Nassau County, Florida. On September 7th, 2009 play will commence in North Nassau’s newly created Tennis Points Ladder designed for beginner and advanced tennis players. The Points Ladder allows players to challenge other players. The more you win, the more points you earn and this moves you up the ladder. Finding players takes just a few clicks of the mouse.

North Nassau’s Tennis Ladder is run on the nationwide system and allows players to join a ladder and organize matches in minutes. No more calling around looking for a match Рjust sign up, join a ladder and challenge a player.

Match times and locations are agreed upon by both players, so you can decide where and when to play. Registration will remain open throughout the season to allow late comers to join. The fall points ladder runs from September 8th to November 29th, 2009. To join the ladder and play unlimited matches costs just $21. The winner of the ladder plays free in the next ladder.

For more details or to sign up, visit and sign up for a free players account. Add “Amelia National Golf and Country Club” as one of your clubs (you can do this when you sign up, or afterward in your profile). Near the bottom of the “Amelia National Golf and Country Club” club page you will see the blue “Challenge Ladders” section. Click on “North Nassau Points Ladder” to view details about the ladder and sign up if you’re a 3.5-4.5 player. If you’re a 2.5-3.0 player (beginner), you can join the 2.5-3.0 ladder. For more details call (904)373 TENN

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