Second Amendment OutfitterLocal gun shop and indoor shooting range, Second Amendment, Inc. or sometimes known as Nassau Range, is now Second Amendment Outfitters. Your favorite gun shop has changed hands and is now owned by Mike Gorman. Gorman is very excited to continue serving the great community of shooters in North Florida, South Georgia and all those who visit us from around the country at Nassau County’s only indoor, climate-controlled rifle and pistol range. Second Amendment Outfitters (SAI) will continue holding special events, sales, shooting tips and a wide variety of classes.

Thanks to their wonderful customers, Second Amendment, Inc. enjoyed success during its relatively short history of less than two years of operation. Gorman is a firm believer in not messing with success, so you’ll not notice a whole lot of change at Second Amendment Outfitters.

Mark Puca will continue to provide his friendly, knowledgeable service with that infectious smile of his, and David and Eric will be there to provide their courteous and patient service, as usual.

The neighborhood barber shop vibe that everyone finds so refreshing at a gun shop will never be compromised at SAO – it’s what sets them apart from the competition.

SAO Shooter’s Academy – Enroll Now!

SAO is not just a gun shop and shooting range. They are also committed to fully outfitting the shooter with firearms training and instruction and are staffed and equipped to do so. They are currently in the process of expanding their curriculum and now offer four popular classes:

NRA Pistol Orientation (Basic Pistol) – Taught by NRA Certified Instructor Cathy Mulcahy, this class is for beginning shooters. Included are two hours of hands-on classroom instruction on handgun function and safety, two hours in the range firing a variety of revolvers and semi-automatic pistols in various calibers, and this class fulfills the Florida Concealed Weapons Permit requirements. All for just $90.00

Concealed Weapons Permit – Taught by Fernandina Beach PD Captain Jim Norman, this is a class for shooters with some handgun experience, 1.5 hours classroom instruction, and one half hour in the range for only $55.00.

NRA Self Defense in the Home – Taught by Cathy Mulcahy and former FL Assistant State Attorney, Eric Roberson, this class is for shooters of all levels and includes 9 hours of classroom and in-range instruction over two days (Sat & Sun). Also covered are tactical and legal aspects of defending yourself and your family in the event of a home invasion. Class costs $180.00.

Ladies Night at the Range – Led by Cathy Mulcahy, this class is for women who are intermediate shooters and have already passed a Basic Pistol or equivalent class. This class includes two hours of supervised, instructional range time and is designed to improve accuracy and tactics including shooting from cover, low light conditions, multiple targets and more for only $25.00.

Please stop in, call 904-849-7593 or email us at for details, available dates and to reserve your seat.

Second Amendment Outfitters is located at 85076 Commercial Park Drive (just off Highway 17 South) in Yulee, Florida.