Deb Cottle Explains the 4 Step GUTS Formula

Last Monday the SearchAmelia team organized its first Networking Meeting at the Amelia Hotel at the Beach.
Only our sponsors and contributing writers were invited and the idea behind it all was simple: “Rather than all of us competing over One Dollar, let’s make the pot big enough for everyone.”

The musical footnote was vaguely based on David Yulee’s dream to make Amelia Island into the Manhattan Island of the Southeast, so Frank Sinatra’s New York New York was lightly cannibalized with the reference to “Start Spreading the News”. Whether we tell people across the world about our island, people in the Northeast about our beaches, or people in Jacksonville about our events, networking is a form of spreading the news. And as with most new initiatives, the tipping point is ultimately the success of inspiration carried forward into sustainable happiness and prosperity. Inspirational and motivational speaker

Showcasing the idea we spotlight for example Deb Cottle who shared her upcoming book and CD release with the audience. The Book is a co-production with well-known inspirational gurus Stephen Covey, Tony Alessandra, Patricia Fripp, and several other keynote speakers. The book titled “Success Simplified” will be on the shelves before the end of October. Maryanne McIntyre of the Amelia Hotel at the Beach shared the news that the hotel was selected to be press headquarters for next year’s Concours d’Elégance, a bit of information that sparked yet others in the audience to share more valuable tips and news. Good networking is the result of Inspired Action.

One person, both a sponsor and writer for SearchAmelia, couldn’t make it that evening, but send me a fabulous link for a mind altering free Enlightened Business Summit, in which 40 business leaders, authors and entrepreneurs of remarkable fame and accomplishment share their ideas about the future of business and industry.
Ange Wallace, owner-founder of the Travel Agency on Amelia Island, calls Simon Sinek one of her big inspirations and whomever is interested in his work, check out the youTube TED video “How great leaders inspire action”.

Columbia professor Simon Sinek, who recently joined the think tank of Virtuoso, the upscale travel marketing company that promotes the concept that travel is a learning experience, wrapped in a balanced luxurious jacket, invites interested individuals to tune in to a series of thirty minute expert speeches to showcase what we may expect for the future.

Looking at the list of ‘inspirators’ I quickly signed up, it only takes your first name and email address, and I would suggest to anyone to make a selection from the offer and set some time aside to listen to what significant others have to say.  In the past companies needed Board of Directors to steer them into the future. Today we need mentors to operate high tech on the internet.
It’s why we initiated the SearchAmelia Network Meetings; to exchange opportunities, thoughts and solutions; to create a network of quick answers and longterm business success. Most of our sponsors do not have the time to weed through the worldwide web and separate the value from the waste. We’ll be happy to be your filters.

Ange Wallace perfectly grasped what networking is all about and shared what inspires and guides her through available media. It is up to the recipient to act and benefit from what is offered.
The first Network meeting witnessed about 25 people, including our team. We hope that as the word spreads we will become a network that inspires Amelia Island to balanced prosperity.

More on the Enlightened Business Summit:

There are those who talk about doing the right thing and there are those who do the right thing.

Though most companies talk about putting people first, few actually do.  Though most executives acknowledge the value of a strong culture, few actually manage their cultures.  And though most businesses understand the importance of a long-term plan (10 or more years), few actually have one or if they do, they don’t follow it.

Last year I attended an amazing summit called the Conscious Capitalism Conference.  It brought together a collection of people who not only talk about these themes, they actually do them.  At the summit were people like John Mackey, founder of Whole Foods, Kip Tindle, CEO of the Container Store and  Bert Jacobs, CEO of Life Is Good.  It was a coming together of business leaders, academics, thought leaders, best-selling authors and other provocateurs.

Chip Conely, founder of Joie de Vivre and author of Peak attended the conference and decided that the ideas needed to be shared with many more people so he organized something called the Enlightened Business Summit, a free-to-attend conference call of brilliant minds like Tim Ferriss, Tony Hsieh, John Mackey, George Zimmer, Christine Comaford Lynch, Stephen M. Covey and Mihaly Csikszenmihalyi among many, many others.

I’m excited to be among the folks sharing their ideas about the future of business and industry in the United States and beyond. 

Please join us from October 25-29, to hear a total of 40 business leaders, authors and entrepreneurs giving 30 min talks about how we can all help transform business today.

You can listen in whenever you like, it’s all free.

A schedule of when I speak and a schedule and a list of all the other speakers can be found here: . This free, virtual conference is an amazing way to hear how some of the most forward thinking business leaders today are running their companies and how they see the world changing.