New Milestones for Search Amelia

SearchAmelia has reached several milestones in recent months and weeks and is looking forward to a week filled with fun and festivities.

Winners of last November's International Petanque Tournament

As we are constantly updating and improving the SearchAmelia website we are proud to announce another set of accomplishments and improvements.
Thom, our insomniac webmaster, has pulled out all the stops in the past week optimizing certain parts of the site, which has resulted in a speed increase of more than 400%. With almost 3,800 stories uploaded on the site that was quite a task. Then last Saturday morning he surprised us all with the new template look that allows us to have much more above the fold “homepage real estate” as a quickly growing number of our sponsors like to have a shot at the increased rotating banner frequencies.

There is one more major improvement on its way, scheduled for March 29, when the entire site will go virtual, which should improve the processing speed to maximum performance.

Other exciting milestones are that in January of this year SearchAmelia had reached every nation on this planet, a process that took about 18 months since we launched the site. Guess what? Between March 1 and March 17, we accomplished the same in just 17 days. SearchAmelia is now part of a very exclusive group of domaines of which Florida has less than a handful.

Our Twitter and Facebook social media efforts are now counting for 28% of the daily unique visits or almost 8,000 hits a day. The total daily hit count including access via youTube, Digg, Technorati,Propeller, LinkedIn, Hubpages, StumbleUpon and several more social bookmark and article sites is nearing 25,000.

No wonder we’re getting real excited. We would like Amelia Island to be part of this major inroad in cyberspace. Anyone who wants to contribute relevant columns, events and stories, please send an email to or and set up a personal forum on . It’ simple. Step 1 Register – Step 2 Set up a group of interest (Amelia Golf, Amelia Tennis, Amelia Fishing, Amelia Sailing, Amelia History, Amelia Beaches etc.)

SearchAmelia  Community Network

With our free Social Media Lectures every other Monday, our free Classifieds on the website, the Restaurant Review site Amelia Bites, the weekly printable discount coupons and the latest Buy Amelia feature for businesses and individuals who would like to sell products and downloads online, we really like to offer our island community and the Nassau County backbone the opportunity to network with each other and in combination sell ourselves to the world.

My wife and I had a fabulous late lunch at Fernandeli’s on Saturday afternoon and in a discussion with Craig the owner, we recognized the same kind of thinking. His wife is a massage therapist and her workspace advertises colleagues. Fernandeli takes lunch orders from downtown restaurants and places them. There is no competition if together we create a big enough market.
That’s what SearchAmelia is about as well. Join the network.

Also don’t forget to reserve your free chair for this coming Friday unique concert of the Millenium Carillon at the waterfront, by sending an email to If you already forgot about this once in a lifetime old European Bell and Chime concert that is a spectacle all in itself, click here for details.

And last but not least, Pétanque America, remember the international tournament last November, is having it’s 2010 Regional Spring Tournament this coming Saturday, March 27 at the Marina Parking lot in Downtown. For information call Philippe Boets or TJ Seaton at 800-682-2557.


  1. tommylee

    Thanks for the kind words, publisher. The major hurdle with a news site is that there are so many resources that come together and need to play nice with eachother while taking into account that there are so many different browsers out in the market with each of them require special attention. The current, from ground up design and functionality of the SearchAmelia website, is modeled around Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera while gracefully complying to Microsoft Explorer version 6, 7 and 8 which all require different specs.

    Personally i'm most excited about the features that are going to be fly implemented in the next coming days and weeks that allow for “blog” and networking affiliation integration into SearchAmelia. The framework for this implementation is almost ready and will allow cross- and micro news and network blogging in the style of Facebook yet with a focus on a more commercial network marketing rather than just the social aspect that Facebook serves.

    Community news while bundling resources to maximize the local, regional, national and international exposure is a rapidly growing “must have” allowing the neighborhood communities to survive these economically strained times via network marketing referrals and news networking that ultimately promotes the community as a whole rather then individual “pocket market” success.

    If a community such as Amelia Island is to survive and flourish it will need to draw away attention from competing communities and the only way to do that is by creating a “teamwork” effort that can attract attention from the regional to global online market presence.

    Kindda like how news traveled in the historic times via drum messaging and the louder the drum and the more people that joined in to pass on the massage the higher likelihood the message would reach the right people in massive volumes.

    There is a more modern expression for this and it is called “Jingle the Web”.

    The New SearchAmelia will just do that (Jingle the World Wide Web) and the more people, individual and commercial, join in, the faster we attract the attention to the community as a whole.

  2. Cynnielynn

    The new layout of the website is great!

  3. publisher_sa

    Jingle the Web sounds like a lot of fun and most effective in getting the word out about Amelia Island. With the ShrimpFestival looking around the next curve, I think we need all the positive exposure we can get as an island destination this summer. Thanks again.

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