North Korea's Next Move
South Korea

Has anyone been keeping up with what’s happening in South Korea and the bombing of a small island on the border by North Korea? What was the reason behind this action? What is North Korea thinking? Could this escalate to all out war?

First of all I think North Korea, the government that is, is crazy. I don’t mean crazy like a fox, I mean crazy, like in crazy. This is one poor country that puts everything into its military. They take great pride in military parades and a show of strength and power. A country led by a father/son team that clearly have no regard for peace; they would rather have conflict and war. Power is all they aim for.

Is this a move to bring other countries to the table to make offers to the North? Actually they have tried this in the past, and it has worked. Could this be a move initiated by China? A move that could be provoked by China’s current problems with the US, the money we owe China and the way the Fed is monetizing our funds on this end? Folks, I for one believe there is more to this picture then we can now see. It is going to be interesting to see what North Korea will do when the war games start with the South and the US.

By the way, did anyone ever come forward and do we know who sent that missile into the sky of California a couple of weeks ago? Funny how we haven’t heard any more about this. Keep your eye on this North Korea thing, it could get real interesting before it is all over.