Now that you can get Senior Discounts…

Age gives the advantage of time and means which gets rewarded with attractive discounts in food, entertainment and travel

Cruise Discounts for Seniors

I already told you that my wife and I went to see Hot Lips Loretta Swit at the Alhambra in Jacksonville. What I didn’t tell you is how I learned that I’m now a senior, actually for quite some time really. Almost everything in my household is purchased online. We have as many Paypal accounts as we have bank accounts and appreciate the ease with which we can initiate dozens of transactions daily. So when time came to print out the tickets to the Alhambra I noticed that there was a $2.50 deduction on the print out with the note “senior”. Now there was a time not so long ago that I would have ripped someone’s head off for this ‘insult’, but today I realize that the alternative to getting older is not really an alternative at all.
So I decided to look at it as an accomplishment and learned that one of the great perks of reaching age 55 is the benefit of senior discount and saving up to 75 percent on cruises.

So far cruises have not really impressed me as something I would want to spend my time on. Cruising is for older people is the impression etched into my brain. I’m with my wife’s dad who on his 79th birthday was repairing an air conditioning unit for “some old folks” who were suffering from the heat wave. I’d be surprised if they were not younger than he is.

My wife, who is heartless in the pursuit of savings when it comes to senior discounts, (favors I will be looking forward to return one day) now sent me an email that Carnival is senior discounting its Bahamas/Key West trip out of Jacksonville to $129 p/p. From my years in the Caribbean I know the incredible discounts you can get on trips between now and mid November as cruise operations are struggling to fill their “huts”.  September and October are back to school months with no vacations and the threat of hurricanes to boot and consequently most destinations and operators in the travel and tourism business are either prepping for the next season, repairing and doing necessary upkeep and maintenance or drop prices to the bare minimum needed to run a skeleton crew and hope that guests will still spend their money on food, shopping, liquor and extras.

So when you have the time and don’t mind admitting that you are now a senior, you may want to check into it and find a growing number of major cruise lines now offering special discounts of up to 75 percent for passengers age 55 and older.
How do you find out about these deals? Well, you can call your travel agent or search the internet. A good source for cruise discounts in particular is Vacations To Go whose website offers:

Age 55+ Discounts
A special section of the site is dedicated to these discounts. You can search by cruise line, region or month to find incredible savings. Only one passenger per cabin must be at least 55 in order to gain the discount for everyone in the room.

90-Day Ticker
This section of the site is a complete listing of last-minute cruises. The section is easy to use and you can view last-minute deals with information on destination stops, port city, ship type and more. It’s not uncommon for users to save more than half what they would normally pay, which equates to hundreds if not thousands in savings.

Find a Bargain
If you prefer to book further in advance, or if you have a specific cruise line in mind, you can still find discounted prices in the “Find a Bargain” section. There you’ll find a treasure trove of early-bird discounts, two-for-ones and other cut-rate promotions on every cruise line in the world. Remember to always tell your Vacations To Go cruise counselor if any member of your party is 55 or older.

Cruise Specials
Cruise lines develop trips and itineraries to appeal to all types of people, and there are more than a thousand cruise destinations around the world. Cruises are perfect for singles, grandparents with grandchildren, people who have special needs, and more.
All you have to do to find this information is sign up for Vacations To Go’s free weekly newsletter at Now you have a secret source for finding the best cruise deals.

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