Online Marketing and Misconceptions: 5 Top Myths Debunked

The importance of online marketing has substantially increased in the last few years and here are five popular misconceptions.

Online Marketing and Misconceptions: 5 Top Myths DebunkedContributed by: Alyssa Clarke

The importance of online marketing has substantially increased in the last few years and many businesses are embracing this trend for their own betterment. But like all good things, there are certain misconceptions surrounding the thought of online marketing. Many people fail to understand that online marketing requires a great deal creativity, effort, money and technological expertise. The success of online marketing strategy also depends on a great deal on SEO. However, as stated earlier, there are five popular misconceptions regarding online marketing.

My products will anyway be sold
Maybe you are leading the industry in your field but to make your online presence felt the audience must be able to find you in search engines. SEO is very vital nowadays; simple word-of-mouth publicity is past. The website title must be descriptive but concise. The content of the website needs to be relevant and must have specific keywords for SEO purposes. Flash needs to be avoided as HTML increases search engine optimization. Flash sites take longer time to load and hence may deter the customers from entering the site. To increase the ranking of the internal pages, you must apply internal lining within the website.

This will be super quick
Success will not come to you within a short span of time. There is no quick fire method to make huge amount of money. You must have a long term plan in place so that you can reap the rewards of online marketing. You need to spend several hours/week or at least designate a person to manage the website and the related internet marketing campaign. The website must be consistent, attractive and should have good SEO throughout. This will give a solid foundation in search engine results and thereby attract many potential customers.

An attractive website will ensure profits
A website, full of funky graphics and a brilliant looking homepage, will count to noting if it is not clicked by the audience. The websites need to ‘exist’ on the search engines and then only it can generate traffic. Once adequate traffic is generated, your products and services will be known to everybody. You must invest in proper SEO so that your efforts behind a website are not wasted.

Social media is a passing thing
The concept of social media has integrated successfully into online marketing campaigns even though critics are shouting at the top of their voices that this is just a trend which will eventually pass away. There are opportunities galore for businesses to use the social media for augmenting the business. Since it is cost effective, it has huge potential for customer growth and it can also help to promote marketing campaign to certain demography.

Since I am successful, I can stop
You must not be content with what you have or with what you have achieved. Maybe the website is getting really popular and it is selling products and services at a good rate but you must keep in mind that competition is never far behind you and you just cannot rest on your laurels.

The website must be updated regularly and you must exhibit diligence and commitment to online marketing. Your business will suffer a great deal if you start neglecting the websites; you will miss the new concepts entering the market every day. You will profit a lot if you are abreast with the latest developments in the field of online marketing.

About the author: Alyssa Clarke is a blogger who also happen to be tech freak. She loves spending on tech items and recently bought a new Nikon Coolpix L120 and a cool LED watch.

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