Open Casting Call Today

Ladies and gentlemen, today is your chance to add a little spice to you life by showing up at the casting call. Tony McAdoo told me it is going to be busy. So we will be there,camera and all. Are you?

Playing Preston Plummer returning to Amelia Island

As I woke up this morning, I heard my wife mumbling from underneath the sheets that there is an open Casting Call today for a new movie filmed on Amelia Island. I know we placed the announcement a month ago on SearchAmelia, yet here is a quick reminder for those of you who wrote it on their agenda which in the meantime got lost in the summer fun. The producer of the drama titled ” The Diary of Preston Plummer” is Jane Kelly Kosek from Wonder Entertainment in Studio City, CA and more information can be found under this link to their website. The lead role will be played by Trevor Morgan and as we understand, filming is supposed to begin in August.

This event is sponsored by the Amelia Island Film Festival and the City of Fernandina Beach. The sponsors are compiling a list of extras for all visiting film makers to draw from. All ages, body types and ethnic backgrounds are welcomed. And I also heard from Susan H. that there are still some speaking parts to be casted as well!!!

Show up at the Fernandina Beach Atlantic Avenue Recreation Center TODAY, 2010 from 1:00 to 5:00 PM.


  1. Cynnielynn

    Got Milk? I could not imagine that there would be enough interest to make a movie about a dairy, nor did I think that our island had a dairy to film, so I had to find out! The movie is actually supposed to be called, The Diary of Preston Plummer. I can't wait to see how they show our beautiful island on the big screen (again).

  2. tommylee

    wondered if someone else would catch it. Was reading it this morning at 1:30 am but was too tied up with all kind of other stuff to get to point it out. Anyway, a movie about dairy would be interesting too.

  3. Cynnielynn

    It is one of those common typos that are not caught by your spellchecker. However, you can comment on today's posting of the Casting Call Video as it is spelled incorrectly there as well.

  4. Publisher

    Years ago I did a promotion for Liquor 43 out of Puerto Rico, which deliberately was changed into Liquor 47. Worked much better!! In the sixties Scotch brand Vat 69 did the same by changing a complete campaign into Vat 67. They had 63,000 letters that the ad had a mistake. Oh the good old days, how I love them, when information overload meant, you had two dates on the same night. Anyway, the mistakes are corrected, which is the beauty of the internet.

  5. ameliaprivateeye

    Well, they were herding people through there like cattle (I've heard these open casting calls called, “cattle calls”, too) – so DAIRY may not be so much of a stretch! LOL

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