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Written by Ally Living on a small island, I am pretty well known as I have lived here my entire life.

Texas BBQ Hoedown


Sweet Cayenne Chicken Wings

Did you know that the potent, hot fruit of cayenne has been used as medicine for centuries? In addition, it has been used for the following problems:

Free Life Insurance

Free life insurance! Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co., in partnership with the Barnabas Center, will issue $50,000 10-year term life insurance policies to benefit the children of eligible working families in the Fernandina Beach area, at no cost to the…
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Stop Pirate Fishing

A pirate uses only a sword, a knife, or his bare hands when fishing. The use of a hook is only acceptable in the event the pirate is missing a hand.

Killer Bees on the High Seas

I recently came across an article that told of a story about swarms of bees traveling ‚Äúoffshore‚Äù near Florida‚Äôs east coast. The offshore part is what initially gained my attention. This is normally the one place in Florida, where year…
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Shop Amelia

Located on the south end of the island are The Shops at Amelia Island Plantation. The old Florida architecture is surrounded by oak trees dripping in moss.  

Mortgage Rates Drop The Lowest Since April

As we discussed a couple of weeks ago, predicting mortgage rates would fall if the Government stepped in to take over Fannie and Freddie. The Government did step in and rates are falling. As of September 12, the rate on…
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After School Program Offered

The Boys & Girls Clubs offer structured after-school programs for children aged 6-18 years old.¬† The hours are 2-7 p.m., Monday through Friday. The staff and volunteers help with homework, computer classes, arts, crafts, music, drama, sports, games, teen programs,…
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Great Crab Cakes

Want a recipe for great crab cakes you will sure to have everyone coming back for more?

Should You Buy Travel Insurance?

By Nick Deonas The traveling public has always asked the question, should I purchase travel insurance? Today there is more travel insurance policies sold than in the past. In fact, the industry is up by more than ten percent compared…
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Important Phone Numbers

¬† IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS (A-Z) DIAL 911 Emergency 911 Airport (Fernandina) (904) 261-7890 AT&T Broadband-Cable-Phone Service (800) 586-1212 Auto Tags (904) 261-5566 Baptist Medical Center – Nassau (904) 321-3500 BellSouth (800) 853-2909 BFI-Garbage Collection (904) 261-7186 Car Tags (904) 261-5566…
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