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Great Crab Cakes

Want a recipe for great crab cakes you will sure to have everyone coming back for more?

Should You Buy Travel Insurance?

By Nick Deonas The traveling public has always asked the question, should I purchase travel insurance? Today there is more travel insurance policies sold than in the past. In fact, the industry is up by more than ten percent compared…
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Important Phone Numbers

¬† IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS (A-Z) DIAL 911 Emergency 911 Airport (Fernandina) (904) 261-7890 AT&T Broadband-Cable-Phone Service (800) 586-1212 Auto Tags (904) 261-5566 Baptist Medical Center – Nassau (904) 321-3500 BellSouth (800) 853-2909 BFI-Garbage Collection (904) 261-7186 Car Tags (904) 261-5566…
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According to the official version, the modern bikini was invented by French engineer Louis R√©ard and fashion designer Jacques Heim in Paris in 1946 and introduced on July 5 at a fashion show at Piscine Molitor in Paris. It was…
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Fish wrapped in Banana leaves with Chile Rajas and Crema

Banana leaf¬†is the leaf of the¬†Banana plant. It is used as a decorative element for auspicious ceremonies in¬†Hindu¬†and¬†Buddhist¬†cultures. It is also used as a¬†plate to serve food in countries like¬†India. Banana leaves though commonly thrown away contain large amounts of¬†polyphenols,…
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Big Bad Crab Dip

Big Bad Crab Dip Submitted by: Nick If you are looking for that special recipe that is sure to impress your family and guests, look no further, you have arrived.

Facts on the Florida Mosquito

If you’ve spent any time outside this summer chances are the Florida mosquito made an appearance reminding you what part of the country you live in. The mosquito has been here in Florida much longer than we have and has…
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Thinking of Starting a Business?

Commercial Space Available, At Bargain Prices Are you thinking of starting a business? I know what you may be thinking, is he crazy or what, well, let’s think about it. Yes, the economy is in bad shape and there are…
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Football Season has Begun in the South

Football season has officially begun in the south. College football in the south is very different than it is up north. For those who are planning a football trip to the south this season, here are some helpful hints.