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This is a great cake that is so easy to make. There are two secrets to the success of this cake: 1. DO NOT use the mixer 2. DO NOT grease the Pan.

Fernandina Beach High School Football Score

HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL RESULTS FERNANDINA BEACH TEAM SCORE The FBHS Pirates 61 Bishop Snyder 0 Another Pirate Rule that seems fitting:  No pirate shall ever play wiffle ball.

Pirate Rules

A pirate does not ask for directions. He relies only on his gut feeling, a compass, or a treasure map.

First Home Football Game Date Change

Because of the recent bad weather predictions, the first home football game for the Fernandina Beach High School Pirates has been changed to Thursday night, 09-04-08!!!

4th Annual Historic District Picnic

Please attend the 4th annual Historic District Picnic on 315 Calhoun St. (RSVP 261-6846) Sunday, Sept. 7th, 4 PM til‚Ķ? Live Bluegrass Music, Annette’s Famous BBQ, Free Carriage Rides, Children’s Bounce-Land, Historic Home Tours Door Prizes: Amelia Island Boat Cruises,…
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Destination Bird Island

(That spec of blue is our cooler while unloading the rest of our gear from the boat. Rule of thumb – SAVE THE COOLER FIRST!!!) Destination, Bird Island By: Jamie Deonas If you have boated any length of time in…
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25 Seaports to Receive 74 Honors in AAPA’s 2008 awards Program

(Press release) ALEXANDRIA, VA ‚Äì The American Association of Port Authorities, a trade group representing leading port authorities throughout the western hemisphere, has selected 25 seaports to be recognized for exemplary projects, programs and initiatives at its annual awards program…
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Gustav, And the Price of Gas

Gustav, And the Price of Gas Written by: Nick Deonas Just in time for the Labor Day weekend, another bit of bad news. Gustav, the latest storm to threaten the US is projected to hit the gulf coast. Of course…
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Bizarre Animal Facts

Bizarre Animal Facts Compiled by: Judie Mackie Butterflies taste with their feet. A duck’s quack does not echo and no one knows why. More people fear spiders more than they do death. A crocodile cannot stick its