Politics is Far From Science

In politics, it is difficult to navigate your way through the obstacles that are constantly thrown in front of you, and of course you will always have opposition coming from the other side of the coin.

Politics shows many faces (and surprises)

Politics shows many faces (and surprises)

The world of politics is strange to most people who have never held an elected office or had the pleasure of trying to please everyone on every issue, all of the time.  It is difficult to navigate your way through and around the obstacles that are thrown in front of you constantly.  On the other hand, the world of politics can be rewarding in the knowledge that you truly made a difference for the people you represent and in making the best decisions on their behalf.  Of course you will always have opposition coming from the other side of the coin on every issue, that is just the nature of the beast.

My thoughts have been with the office of the President the past couple of days.  It seems he came into office with an agenda that was very aggressive to say the least.  The one issue alone on health care reform is massive, other Presidents before him have tried and failed.  It appeared he had the stars all lined up though, he had the votes needed in Congress, a Speaker and majority leader on his side willing to do almost anything to make it happen.  It appeared things were getting close to closure on the issue.  Then Tuesday night it happened, there was another tea party in the making, the Senate seat once held by Kennedy for so many years was lost to a Republican.  Now what?

I’ve watched the White House back peddle for the past few days.¬† They are now admitting the plan is in trouble, ¬†if anything is passed it will be a watered down version of the original dream.¬† I believe mistakes were made from the start on the issue of health care reform.¬† The administration assumed they had the political horse power needed to do what they deemed best for the country without including or listening to the “other side”, this I believe was a fatal mistake on their part.

By not including the other side they’ve not¬†created any bridges, instead they have torn down what bridges they once had.¬† Now they find themselves, with just one election, lacking the horse power to continue on.¬† This is an election year for a large part of Congress, those who are up for re-election are now very worried about their political¬†futures.¬† Now tie all of this in with the decision made by the Supreme Court yesterday that literally removes the cap corporations can spend on a candidate and a campaign.¬† How much do you think the big banks will spend, if they are already spending billions on bonuses, to get the candidate elected that is against government take over¬†of the banking system?¬† I believe there is no amount too much for them to spend.¬† What does all of this mean to the current administration, it can be summed up in one word, trouble.

In the world of politics if you are going to choose a fight you should look a little further down the road then just today, and make sure you will have future resources to win the battle if things should change.¬† It’s obvious to me this was not calculated at all.¬† The next few months are going to be interesting.¬† I wonder how many invitations will be given to the “other side” now to be included in decisions on the hill?

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