Pomp and Circumstance

Pomp and Circumstance, this commencement ceremony is a major event and transition point for students.

Pomp and Circumstance

Pomp and Circumstance

It is hard to imagine a graduation without Pomp and Circumstance. The commencement ceremony is a major event and transition point for students. It is the culmination of your degree program, whether it is your high school diploma, or college degree. It is not the end of your education, as a person should never stop learning. It is a time to celebrate hard work and accomplishments. The purpose for the commencement exercise is to acknowledge the students who have successfully met the requirements graduation, usually with the presentation of a diploma. Commencement exercises serve as a transition point for the individual members of the graduating class who will follow diverse paths into futures that may include higher education, the military, and the world of work.

The typical commencement ceremony takes place in the school auditorium, gymnasium, or football stadium. At the appointed time, the graduates march into the arena as Pomp and Circumstance is played. The students wear cap and gowns and some students may wear special insignia that denotes membership in honor societies or other significant accomplishment. The ceremony usually includes speeches by the senior class president, the valedictorian, and a guest speaker. The culminating event is the presentation of graduates and the presentation of diplomas and certificates.

The Graduation Ceremony for Fernandina Beach High School will take place on June 5, 2010 at 3:00 p.m. at the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena.

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