Portion Control and DietingPeople do not know how to eat. Since our family entered CLUB 14 FITNESS’ Forever Fit Challenge earlier this year, the question we hear most is, “What CAN you eat?”

The first thing to consider when you truly want to cut your waistline is to cut your portion sizes. There is no one thing that works for everyone, but we have learned a few tips that may help you control your portions when carrying a food scale everywhere you go is out of the question.

    -If you eat out, immediately ask for a to-go box and place half of your meal in the box right away.
    -Your meat portion should be about the size of a deck of cards, no bigger (unless it is baked or grilled fish).
    -If you grill eight pork chops for dinner for your family of four, immediately put the extra four in the refrigerator so no one will be tempted with seconds.
    -Read the label. You will be suprised how many servings are really in one small bag of chips.
    -A 12 ounce glass may be what is in your cupboard when an 8 ounce serving is suggested.
    -Use smaller plates. Hide the large dinner plates and serve yourself dinner on a smaller plate. The plate will be full, but you will be reducing your portion sizes.
    -Visualize your serving sizes. A golf ball is about 1/4 cup and a one cup serving is about the size of a baseball.
    WebMD describes a 1/2 cup serving as the size of a lightbulb and a single tablespoon serving as the size of a poker chip.
    -Ask for dressings and other sauces on the side so you can control how much you are served.
    -Do not keep snacks in the house, in your desk or in your car.
    -Never, EVER, Supersize anything!

Cook plenty of fresh vegetables with every meal and have as much of those as you desire! We serve large portions of foods like tossed salad, steamed broccoli and fresh sliced tomatoes and cucumbers at every meal. These are great choices to serve in abundance, but only serve them without the cheese sauce, butter or oil dressings!

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