Property Appraiser Launches Online Homestead Exemption Filing

If you own property in Nassau County and it is your primary residence, you may qualify for an exemption of up to $50,000 off your assessed value.

Property Appraiser Launches Online Homestead Exemption FilingNassau County, FL – Property Appraiser Mike Hickox announced this week the launch of online filing for homestead exemption.

Homestead exemption is a constitutional guarantee that reduces the taxable value of residential property for qualified residents. If you own property in Nassau County and it is your primary residence, you may qualify for an exemption of up to $50,000 off your assessed value. Per Florida Statutes, homeowners must own and occupy the residence prior to January 1st in order to receive the benefit for 2015.

In the past, homeowners were required to bring the necessary documents to the Property Appraiser’s Office in order to make application. Now, with the new online feature, applicants can file at their leisure by visiting the Property Appraiser’s website, “This is a customer service initiative that will make the process easier and less time consuming for the homeowner,” said Hickox.

Less than half of all 67 Property Appraiser’s in the state offer online homestead exemption filing. “Many homeowners have to rearrange their day just to come apply,” said Hickox. “With our online filing, they will no longer be inconvenienced.”

Justin Taylor, Public Information Officer for the Property Appraiser, agrees this will be a huge benefit for the homeowner. “We receive several calls a day from people who need to file for the exemption, but don’t have the time. We hope to get a couple hundred applications online before the March 1st deadline.”

In 2014, the Property Appraiser’s Office received over 1,400 applications for homestead. This number is up from the 1,000 applications that were taken in 2013. “We are in a county that is growing by the minute,” said Hickox. “Property owners should know of their tax benefits and it’s our job to make the process as simple as possible.”

Currently, homeowners are not able to file for the additional senior, disability, or widow/widower exemptions. In order to file for those exemptions, homeowners will still need to apply in one of the Property Appraiser’s Offices.

Deadline to file for any property tax exemption is March 1st, 2015. For questions, please contact the Property Appraiser’s Office at 904-491-7300.

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