Pssst..! Save a Bit of Money and Catch your own Shrimp

You can catch your own shrimp with Coleman Lantern and a net. We used to do it all the time, but it may be illegal these days. Who knows.

A Coleman Lantern does the trick

I can’t seem to get this oil mess going on in the Gulf, and maybe on our shores soon, out of my mind.  We just finished the annual shrimp festival and an article on the price of shrimp and how they are rising.  I wanted to let you in on a little secret, you can catch your own shrimp and you don’t need a large, expensive shrimp boat to do it.

At certain times of the year we used to take a light to attract the shrimp at night and then we would simply scoop them up in  a large dip net.  We used a Coleman lantern with an aluminum pie plate for a deflector to direct all the light downward.  We would hang the lantern off the dock and then wait for the shrimp to come to the surface.  You could also use a cast net.

I also know people who did this along Hecksher Drive en route to Jacksonville, in and around the bridges, the catch was always good and it made for a fun night out.  Before you try this you will need to check the laws regulating shrimping today and make sure you are on solid legal ground though.  Things are changing all the time you know.

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  1. Ameliaprivateeye

    I've successfully shrimped the St. Johns River many times, using a cast net from the neighbors dock, when visiting my parents in Palatka. You will want to wear a swimsuit, bring along a large cooler for your catch, some bug spray, good company and an ample supply of ice cold beer! It seems we had the best luck much later in the year… mid August to Labor Day.

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