Rape at Main Beach Complete Fabrication

Rape at Main Beach complete fabrication according to press release form the Fernandina Beach Police Department.

fernandina-beach-police-juneFernandina Beach, FL – The Fernandina Beach Police Department is continuing to investigate a reported rape at Main Beach, which was reported by the local media yesterday (June 13, 2012), and was alleged to occur on May 30th.

Detectives were able to discount the victim’s story through investigative means and the victim has since recanted her statement, claiming that the sexual assault at Main Beach never occurred.

The victim further advised that she fabricated the story of sexual assault, and she acknowledged having deliberately cast blame at an innocent individual she identified as a homeless person.

Additional information will be made available as soon as possible.

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  1. publisher_sa

    Alleged Rape: So let me get this straight, the Newsleader published on the front page a story that is detriment to our tourism industry without checking the facts with the police department investigation and taking the woman’s story at face value. I’m sorry but that sucks majorly and puts a lot of question marks on the paper’s believability.

  2. ameliadude

    It seems to me that the Newsleader never checks the facts and always reports what ever it feels. This is part of the reason that no one I know even reads the thing anymore!!!

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