USPS roll of stamps ordered online
Some Things Are Better Bought the Old Fashioned Way

With the advance of the Internet life may have exponentially become easier or more convenient for many, for some of us however this is hardly true as the following showcases. I needed a roll of stamps.

That’s how I usually mail  stuff, as I explained to someone who was consulting with me in my office and asked for a bit more time.

I really didn’t have any extra time on that particular day, because unfortunately I had to stop off at the Post Office and pick up some stamps. Well, my client obviously was more computer savvy than I, as he gave me what seemed to be the perfect modern day solution as he directed me to the USPS Website. I can order and even pay for the stamps online and save myself a trip, he said.

Not a bad idea, I thought, as it would certainly save me a trip, gas, time and money. So after he left I went to my computer and looked up the USPS web site, and my client was right: Everything I needed from the post office I could order  online. Quickly I found the listing for a roll of stamps, and put it in the cart, assuming that all I needed to do was go to check out and wait for arrival of the stamps. I was about to put in my  credit card information when an inconvenient yet anticipated phone call came in. It was one that I had to take,  and so I put my ordering needs on hold while I took the call.

Because of irregular things that happen in my life on a regular basis it seems, I didn’t return to  the USPS website for about a week, always aware that I needed to return to my business and order my stamps soon.

Finally I am back at my desk, opening the USPS website again. This time, because the website or my computer intuitively knew that this was not my first time on this site, I was requested to fill out a form  to establish my account with USPS. So I spent 15 minutes giving  my personal information. When finished, I was instructed to log off and log back on with my  newly developed password and user name.

And here things went horribly wrong. I give them what I thought was my newly established user name and they inform me that someone already has that name, and  would I please accept their suggestion of a username (Keitl35). Sounds ok to  me, but my subconscious tells me that I will never spontaneously remember that name, so I asked  for a simpler one. They inform me that for this account I am now registered with this name, and if I want a new name, I have to open a new account. Oh well, in that case we’ll use that one.

By this time I’ve gotten a little confused, so I can’t remember which password I used. So they give me a secret question that only I know the answer to, but the answer that I remember does not fit the question they are supplying me. So I go onto chat and explain I haven’t got the right question for my secret answer.

They tell me to just start a new account and fill out the information again… while I explain once again that all I want is a roll of stamps. They tell me that they’ll be glad  to help me, I just need to take the 15 minutes to fill out the forms.

Once again  I go to the homepage and order a roll of stamps. They ask for my credit card number, but this time when I give them the information, it will not go through. The website apologizes and informs me that they are having trouble, and would I please return later? Because I try to be a patient man, I tried three additional times to register my card, and am told each time that the  card is not acceptable. I close the web site.

But then while I am at my desk working on a personality test for a client this strange feeling wells up inside of me, and a stern voice in my head says: “You’d better make sure your credit card is erased from the USPS website and they don’t charge you for your  order.” (This happened to me once before, when suddenly unrecognized charges appeared on my card, and it took weeks to get them removed).

So once again I go to the website and go on chat, telling the chat operator of my fears that my card could be charged. As always very helpful she explains how to look up my account and check to see if there are any charges. You see my dilemma? No one, including myself, can find my account because it has two different passwords. And really all I wanted is a roll of stamps.

I think I’ll just have go to the post office after all. And I guess I have to watch my CC real close for the next few days.