Recycle Your Carpet

Planning to have new carpet installed or change the look with wood/tile flooring? What to do with the old carpet? I know. Recycle it!

Recycle Your Carpet

Recycle Your Carpet

Planning to have new carpet installed or change the look with wood/tile flooring? Now what to do with the old carpet… hmm… I know. Recycle it! Nearly 5 billion pounds of used carpet ends up in our landfills every year. That is a lot of nasty chemicals like polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polypropylene, possibly contaminating our groundwater. Here are a couple of ideas to help you be environmentally friendly:

1. If the carpet is in decent shape, why not donate it to a non-profit such as Habitat for Humanity Restore, (904) 722-0727, 8159 Arlington Expressway, Jacksonville, FL 32211. You can also donate other used construction materials that appear to be in good shape.

2. Drop your carpet and/or pad off to a carpet reclamation site. Here are a couple in the Jacksonville area. Foam Recycle Center, Jacksonville, FL (904) 448-0444 and RCRD, Inc, (904) 356-7750, 610 East 10th Street, Jacksonville, FL 32206. If you live elsewhere, you can go to or Carpet America Recovery Effort to find a list of reclamation sites near you.

4. If you have company installing your carpet, ask them if they recycle the old carpet before they take off with it. If they don’t, get a discount for debris removal and recycle it yourself. Do the responsible thing!

5. You can have an installer put your carpet in, versus their carpet. Consider buying carpet made out of renewable and recycled materials from companies such as Flor.

Have a flood or mold project that has carpet which has been damaged? Wipe Out will not only remove the contaminated items, but we are committed to recycling them! Call us for your free quote today! (904) 567-3885.

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  1. publisher_sa

    Hi Rana. The 5 billion pounds that end up in landfills is that US alone or global? Personally I have always disliked carpet as unsanitary and dust collectors, but in colder climates it does keep a house warmer. The house my dad built in 1953 had some sort of corktype flooring that looked like marble, was indestructable and highighted with area rugs. I need to find out what that was because it certainly seemed environmentally friendly.

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