Regional Pétanque Tournament Planned for March 27

After the success of the first international petanque tournament last November a regional tournament for March is being planned.

Champion Weibel (l) and his team mate Thibaud

Champion Weibel (l) and his team mate Thibaud

It is more than rumored that Pétanque America, after its hugely successful international tournament on the waterfront of Fernandina Beach in the middle of November, is putting the last preparations together for a regional tournament to be held by late March, also at the Fernandina Beach waterfront.

Since the November tournament, Pétanque has become somewhat of a household word in the area and legions of Florida players have expressed their plans to attend a tournament in early Spring to promote the game and build a local and regional legion of players that can compete with the big dogs.

Philippe Boets, owner of Petanque America, did an interview with World and European Champion Claudy Weibel from Belgium during the recent tournament, which was the first trip for Weibel to the USA. In the interview Weibel, who also made history on island during his evenings playing pool on local pool tables by beating anyone who wanted to match his skills with him, would love to come back and get the sport of Pétanque promoted here to levels seen in many Asian and European countries. He may get his wish considering the huge interest the game has received locally and regionally since November. In the interview he also thanked Amelia Island for the great welcome he received and he would definitely convince his top ranked competitors to come and register for the next International Tournament in November of 2010.

To get a Pétanque artist like Claudy Weibel to participate in your first Open International Tournament was quite an accomplishment and speaks for Philippe Boets reputation in the world of Pétanque, the French ball game. Boets has also other plans to bring unique events to the Amelia Island shores, one of them being a concert by an authentic Carillion.

The Mobile Carillion coming to Fernandina?

The Mobile Carillion coming to Fernandina

Born into a family that has operated a bell foundry ( in the Netherlands for centuries and built the Mobile Millenium Carillion, Philippe has been trying to get that marvelous piece of music perfection for a concert right here on Amelia Island. Details are still sketchy but it is rumored that Fernandina Beach is going to receive an Old World treat of a lifetime around March 20, if everything works out according to plan.

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