restaurant-week-2015-amelia-tasting-toursAmelia Island’s Restaurant Week 2015 is offering special Mixology Tours brought to you by Amelia Island Tasting Tours!

These tours, offered Jan 16th, 17th, 23rd and 24th 2015, showcase the wonderful local bars Amelia Island has to offer, wonderfully complimenting the unique Amelia Island eateries during Restaurant Week 2015!

These Mixology Tours are an on-the-go walking cocktail party in beautiful downtown Amelia Island! On this 2 hour tour, guests will meet some of Amelia’s best bartenders while enjoying the unique character of our local bars. Each Mixology Tour stops at four watering holes where tour guests will meet the fun, creative people behind the bars that mix exciting, unique, and flavorful drinks. Guests will hear about the art and craft of mixing cocktails while finding out about each bar’s history, and then enjoy a tasting of a specially prepared craft cocktail in each of the four stops. To add to the fun, guests vote for their favorite drink, helping us decide on our “bartender of the week” (a coveted prize amongst our bartenders).

While walking between stops, your guide will provide the happenings of beautiful downtown Amelia Island to ensure guests know what’s going on and can take full advantage of their visit to our beautiful island! For more information or to book a tour please visit or call 1-800-979-3370.

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