Saving Money on Your Irrigation System

Your sprinkler system needs to be maintained to keep it in peak working order and costly repairs down.

Saving Money on Your Irrigation System
With the long hot days of summer coming to a slow end and the abundant rain we’ve experienced over the past several months here on Amelia Island, many of us have had little need to use our home’s irrigation system. Even though there are periods this luxury is not needed, it still needs to be exercised and maintained to keep this system in peak working order and costly repairs down.

Most home irrigation systems are automated with a clock allowing the homeowner to choose what times and what zones he or she wishes to operate at a given time. Many times the clock is not correct due to power failures and the time changing twice a year from daylight savings to Eastern standard. This causes your system to operate at times that are not ideal and possible to run longer or shorter than you need it to usually ending up as wasted water. First check your clock to see that it is set correctly and the zones are assigned the proper amount of running times.

Switch your system to the manual setting, then operate each zone one at a time. Spend some time with each of your zones making sure the sprinkler heads are watering your grass and flowers not the street or your neighbors car. Sprinkler heads are easily adjusted and should be reevaluated on a monthly basis as the smallest of things can get them a little out of whack. Look for signs of dead or burnt grass as signs to an issue with that head or zone. Make sure the water pressure is adequate to flow all the heads on that particular zone ensuring the valve is operating correctly. Look for leaks or grass that has grown up around the sprinkler head that may prevent the head from popping up completely or worse, not allowing it close fully. Each and every zone should be done the same way and anything that you find questionable make a note so it can be followed up on the next inspection. If problems with broken heads or pipes are found address them immediately as the system will not operate correctly and the amount of waste is huge.

Lastly do everyone a favor and pick out a friendly neighbor and do the same for them and their system. Face it, we all live in paradise and it’s up to each of us to conserve our natural resources.

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